What Types Of Events Might You Need A Security Guard For?

At MA security one of
our specialised areas of expertise is in the event security field. As
events such as music festivals and concerts are becoming more
prevalent, there’s a growing need for security teams who operate
within this area. From event security planning through to the
implementation and review processes best security practices ensure
that people stay safe and have a great time. With this in mind, let’s
take a closer look at the type of events you might seek a security
company for.

Corporate events

If you’re holding a
corporate event no mater how big or small you’ll be looking to create
a good impression of your business. Security guards can ensure that
your event runs smoothly while keeping a low profile. They’ll also
make sure that disruptions (if any) are kept to a minimum allowing
you to concentrate on delivering a great event with a successful


Weddings are usually in
the planning stages for many months if not years, and in this day and
age many couples prefer to leave nothing to chance. This is why more
and more couples are hiring wedding security personnel. As a wedding
is a celebration, those who hire companies are looking for a high
level of vigilance coupled with a large degree of discretion. As well
as security focused tasks personnel particular to this field may also
carry out other tasks to ensure that the bride’s day runs smoothly.
This may include looking after guests’ belongings and any gifts also.


Whether it’s a boozy
18th or a sophisticated corporate affair you’ll want your
guests to enjoy your celebratory bash for all the right reasons.
Party security guards can be responsible for making sure the right
people are present (i.e no gate crashers) and to ensure that other
guests or revellers remain safe. They can also be as discreet or as
overt as you want them to be.

Sporting events

Just like large scale
music festivals, sporting events can bring in huge crowds. As a
result ensuring the event runs smoothly requires a great deal of
preparation and planning. An experienced security company can take
over the whole security aspect of the event from the hiring of
stewards to organising the safe passage of thousands of spectators,
through to crowd control during the event. This gives the event
organiser peace-of-mind leaving them to deal with what they do best.

As you can see, event
security is varied in nature and takes a high degree of experience
and skill to pull it off. If you’re looking to hire a security
company for your event then we can help. Contact us on 1300 020
to see just how we can ensure your event is talked about
for many months to come, for all the right reasons.

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