Off-Site Event Security Planning – Following A Proven Formula For Success

There’s no doubting
that a large scale event or concert that’s gone well will not only
generate a lot of money, but will also generate lots of great
publicity. As such it can provide the perfect launch platform for
those looking to put on similar events in the future. For this reason
getting your event security right is paramount, especially if you
want your customers to enjoy a safe, secure, and happy time. With
this in mind, here is a proven formula for success you might want to

Research the
facility and surrounding area

All good security
starts way before the event. Do some research on the venue and the
surrounding area and look for possible bottlenecks and dangers where
accidents or problems might occur. Look at stairways in particular
(if the event is indoors), parking areas, access areas, how many
people the venue can hold against how many are expected etc. Once
you’ve done this you’ll have a better idea of the type and amount of
security you’ll need, and indeed the actions you need to take, to
make it safer.

Consider the event

Security organisers
should next consider the event agenda, Think about headline acts (if
applicable) and consider upping crowd control duties and/or placing
sufficient security personnel as and when the need may dictate. This
should give you a idea of where and when to place security members
and more importantly, how many you need throughout the event

The hiring process

So, now you know the
type of security and the amount of personnel you’ll need it makes it
easier to find the right people. You might decide to opt for an
experienced event security company who can handle all aspects of your
event including recruitment, or alternatively you might decide to
recruit and train personnel yourself. If the latter is the case you
need to allow plenty of time before the event (a few weeks is normal)
to recruit and train your team. If you feel that others would be
better suited then you need to due your due diligence. After all
trusting them with your event is a pretty big deal. Therefore don’t
be afraid to ask questions, ask for references, and even ask to be
put in contact with previous customers.

On the day itself

If you’re hiring a
security company, you’ll need to make yourself visible and available
to answer any last minute questions they might have. Conversely if
you’ve recruited all security staff yourself then it pays to get them
in early on the day so that they receive a thorough briefing. Make
sure that everyone understands what they are doing and give them the
chance to ask any questions should they arise. Finally check
communication lines are working and you’re ready to go. Once the
event starts it pays to keep in close contact with the co-ordinator
so that you’re aware of any problem areas, and most importantly
follow any procedures without exception.

These four elements of
research and planning, considering event agendas, correct hiring and
following security procedures will without exception see that your
event goes without a hitch. However it’s the subtle nuances within
his framework that may differ from one event to another. As such this
is where the requisite skills, training and experience wins over.

If you’re looking to
host an event and need to hire an event security company then you
might want to consider MA Security. We’ve provided security for many
events around the Victoria province including the Melbourne Festival,
Stereosonic, Melbourne Music Week, and the Moomba Festival, so we
have the necessary skills to help. For further information contact us
directly on 1300 020 406 and speak to our friendly team
who will assist.  

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