What Essential Training Should Every Security Guard Have?

You only have to pick up a newspaper to read of yet another crime that has been committed. From robbery to murder – crime is being committed on an ever increasing scale in Australia and all over the world. As a savvy business owner or alert homeowner you probably understand the importance therefore of hiring private security to protect your family, employees, possession, and business assets; but how do you go about choosing the right security company. What training should a security guard have had? Let’s take a closer look.

Unarmed self defence techniques

Because of its very nature security can be a career with a high risk of personal assaulty and injury so one of the most important elements of a security guard’s training is that of self defence. After all, if a guard can’t defend themselves, then how are they going to protect the people they’ve been hired to look after? Knowing how to stay physically fit and having a good understand of self defence techniques and martial arts, will help better prepare a security guard for the physical confrontations they are likely to encounter. In fact, this type of training will help a security guard to diffuse the situation before it has a chance to escalate and ensures that both they and the person causing the potential threat are not harmed. Unarmed defensive training is especially important when guarding educational premises, since trivial matters can quickly get out of hand, and no-one wants youngesters to be threatened with guns.

Professional firearms training

Using weapons and firearms in security is a specialised field and any guard who has been issued with a firearm should naturally know how to handle and use it, safely and efficiently. As a result if you;re hiring an armed security guard then you should always ask to see the relevant certificates and licenses. These checks give credibility to the security company and demonstrates the professional training and working of their guards.

Medical training

All security guards should have basic first aid training but being certified in CPR is an invaluable skill for any guard whose job involves being around people a lot. There can be several situations where a health problem or accident may mean a person needs CPR before the paramedics arrive and in some cases, the ability to perform CPR can be the difference between life or death. Security guards are often the first responder when medical attention is required in their place of work so having medical training is essential.

When you hire a security guard to protect your employees or loved ones, you’re trusting them to handle everything from robbery to attack to medical emergency. It’s really important therefore, that the person you hire is trained for the job.

At MA Security all of our guards are trained, qualified professionals with many years of experience in the industry. They’re carefully selected to meet the necessary requirements, expectations, and operating environments of the client they are servicing. If you’re looking for outstanding security solutions then we can help. Call MA Security Group on 03 9339 3500 for more information.

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