Reasons To Consider A Security Assessment

Barely a day goes by with reading or hearing on the news of yet another break in or theft that has occurred locally. While possessions can be replaced, that’s simply not the case with the life of someone who has been threatened or harmed. So how do you know what security measures you should be taking? Simple. MA Security can carry out a no obligation security assessment. We provide a range of security services which cater both for the home and for business. These include such things as CCTV cameras, access control, alarm installation and monitoring, and video verification. We also provide mobile and static guarding as well as mobile patrol services.

Why request a security assessment?

Our security assessments are carried out by trained professionals who can advise you as to what would be the best security services to meet both your needs and budget. Without this type of assessment you could be lacking security in certain areas which opportunists and criminals could exploit. On the flip side of this you could be wasting money on the type of security that isn’t necessary for your situation. For instance, home security shouldn’t necessitate the need for a guard patrol service nor should it warrant any form of access control. By having a professional security assessment you can be sure that you’ve got the right security in place and you may even find you save yourself some money.

Think you can’t afford to hire security guards?

Whether you’re a home owner or a business owner making sure you have the right security in place is vital for peace of mind. As a business owner you may already have in-house security but this can be expensive in the long run since you’ll also have to cover holiday and sick pay as well as another set of wages when your security guard/s are on vacation. Did you know for instance that most security companies provide temporary security cover?

How you could benefit from temporary security cover

Special events and meetings can require additional security to back up your existing security. This is where temporary security guards can help. All of our security guards are well trained and experienced to provide comprehensive short term security even at short notice. By hiring additional temporary security guards you can ease some of the pressure of planning a large scale event by knowing that your guests will be kept safe throughout the duration. We’ll work closely with your internal security guards to identify potential hazards, risks, and threats to your event and put together an effective security plan to ensure communications, correct coordination, and protection is in place. We’re extremely experienced at managing crowd control and gatherings where there are a lot of people in one space. Do you need a security assessment? Call MA Security on 03 9339 3500 to discuss your security in more detail.

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