The Real Benefits Of On-Site Security Services Explained

Many business owners
have to deal with the fact that thefts and crime on business premises
is a growing phenomenon which frequently can and does occur. While
it’s fair to say that certain businesses are more prone to criminal
activity than others, many don’t want to take that risk and as such a
wide variety of businesses now choose to hire on-site security
guards. If you’re in the throws of consideration and aren’t entirely
sure whether it’s a good business option for you, then here are some
of the benefits you might want to know.

Sends out a security

For those that work in
high risk industries such as retail, convenience stores, or banks,
having on-site security provides business owners, employees, and
indeed customers with peace of mind. Employees for example will
probably be more productive as they’ll feel less inclined to worry
about when they’re going to be targeted. In addition, having a strong
security presence also means that employees are easier to recruit
too. Existing staff will stay loyal and those looking to your company
as an easy target for their criminal activity, will probably go
somewhere else.


Having a uniformed
guard on site at all times sends out a clear message that you take
security very seriously. While most criminals of this nature are
opportunists they’ll probably think twice about stealing from a
company that has a uniformed guard presence. A security guard is also
more of a visual deterrent than CCTV, and as a result word will soon
get around that there are softer targets to be had than your

Part of the team

These days uniformed
guards do a lot more than sitting at a gated entrance checking cars
in and out of a premises. Instead uniformed guards can also be
utilised as part of the team. Because they’re often the first point
of contact with potential customers and clients they can help to
direct people to the right place, locate products, and even take
customer service based calls if necessary. In other words they can
and should be a valuable member of your team.

responsibilities off the shoulders of the owners

While certain
responsibilities towards employees should never be relinquished (eg,
their safety and well-being) a security guard can take some of that
responsibility off your shoulders, allowing you to concentrate on
doing what you do best. That’s being the face of your business!

As you can see, aside
from maintaining a crime free zone, on-site security guards can give
businesses that competitive edge by helping to maintain good
employees and wheedling out the bad. This is as well as acting as a
deterrent for any passing criminals who might otherwise see your
business as an easy target.

If you’d like to
discuss your on-site security requirements with a professional
security company then we’ love to here from you. At MA Security we’ve
been in the industry for many years and have been helping people and
businesses with all manner of security during this time. To speak to
our friendly but highly experienced team contact us on 1300 020
today. Don’t let your lack of security become the weak
link in your business. Instead take action now!

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