The Importance of Detecting the Early Warning Signs of a Health Risk

Health risk management has never been as important as it is while we are experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic. It can be difficult to test and manage health risks, while simultaneously maintaining social distancing.

So, what’s the answer? How can we respond quickly and put safety first?

Because a high temperature/fever is one of the main symptoms of COVID-19, more areas have been using hand-held thermal scanners. Manual checks have increased but unfortunately, these come with risks.

Why manual temperature checks can be risky

To perform a manual body temperature check, it means the provider being in close proximity of the receiver. Face-to-face contact of this type puts your staff more at risk of infection.

Hand-held temperature scanners can also fall prey to human error. People may not use the right instruments, or they may use the right equipment wrongly. Without stringent guidance, healthy people could find themselves in an environment with people infected by the coronavirus

So it’s clear that manual testing does have its pitfalls but thankfully there are better alternatives …..

Thermal body temperature cameras

These use infrared waves to perform scans of people walking past and can detect a person displaying an elevated temperature within a 3-metre radius.

The temperature of a healthy adult should be around 36˚C whereas a person infected with coronavirus could have a temperature of 37.5˚C to 39˚C or more.

We recommend this modern thermal camera to clients as a safer and more reliable method of detecting health risks. Another of its redeeming features is its highly accurate body temperature measurement, not forgetting its multi-person capability.

What are the benefits of thermal body temperature cameras?

Thermal cameras are more reliable at detecting potential health risks than hand-held scanners and, more importantly, installing no-contact devices such as these, help us to detect elevated temperatures from a distance.

This intelligent solution replaces the common risks of contamination and improves accuracy, particularly when compared to manual thermometers. Thermal cameras can swiftly detect people with the virus, increasing response rates and reducing the spread of infection to others.

By using this technology, you’re able to quickly and accurately detect one of the main symptoms of COVID-19 in a swarm of people.

Where can thermal cameras be used?

Areas that have already adopted this technology include airports, banks, prisons, age care, critical infrastructure, commercial real estate and courts.

What happens when a camera detects an elevated body temperature?

When the body temperature measurement camera detects any abnormalities, we suggest that the person is led away and taken to a secondary area to undergo further screening.

Preferably this should be carried out by an experienced healthcare worker to ensure the safety of everyone else.

The healthcare worker will perform a screening assessment of the individual and recommend further steps to be taken, including organising transport as allowing the infected person to use public transport would be foolhardy and dangerous.

By identifying and responding, you are protecting your staff and customers from the risk of infection – which is critical in the current climate.

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