Concierge Security Service – 9 Reasons Your Business Needs It

It goes without saying that keeping your people, your property, and your customers safe should be the top priority of your business. However, more businesses are looking to concierge security services as a means of not just providing security but also assisting with the back end of running their business and ensuring things are running smoothly at all times.

‘Concierge’ isn’t just a term for a receptionist. Instead, our concierge security service provides guards that are trained to an exceptionally high standard and are well equipped to provide many benefits to your business, making them an ideal security guard for your company.

Take a look below at 9 reasons why your business needs to invest in a concierge security service.

Concierge – 9 reasons your business needs it

  1. Certain high-end brands need to portray a certain element of sophistication in all that they do even including their security efforts. A concierge has the persona of a friendly and approachable employee with the experience, professionalism, and expertise of a well-trained security guard. Our clients often prefer this choice as they offer the ideal combination of safety and hospitality for staff and visitors.
  2. The very presence of a person trained in security is sufficient to deter those intent on making a nuisance and send them packing
  3. A concierge can also use their well-trained eye to provide feedback on all aspects of the premises which could improve your company’s objectives such as employee behaviour, client behaviour, and areas to improve.
  4. Repeat custom is a more reliable source of revenue. One way to nurture customers and make them want to return is by having a friendly individual on the front desk (rather than a stereotypical guard) who can make a customer’s experience of entering your building more casual and welcoming.
  5. A concierge becomes a point of contact for your people as well as visitors. Since a concierge may be your only client-facing employee, using our concierge security service provides you not only with a person who is trained both in reception etiquette and safety but one that could visibly enhance your brand identity.
  6. With the risk of terrorism, burglaries, and violence rising in Australia, having a person trained in security on the front desk provides added peace of mind for staff and visitors. Showing staff that you are committed to their safety is a great morale booster and ultimately increases attendance and productivity. Both are vital if you want to grow your business successfully.
  7. Sometimes people feel intimidated by a static guard and almost feel as if danger is imminent since someone is clearly employed to prevent dangerous situations. Our concierge security service offer a more subtle approach to safety with a friendly face taking away the fear factor,
  8. Police resources are becoming ever more stretched which can play into a criminal’s hands. However, having someone on ground level means they can respond in seconds either preventing or limiting the degree of danger.
  9. A concierge can also provide other services that previous security guards couldn’t. This includes handling phone calls, issuing visitor badges, answering customer queries, and managing a logbook. Effectively this removes the need for 2 members of staff since a concierge moulds security and reception duties into one.

MASG Services Group has been providing security services for over two decades including concierge security service. We work closely with our clients to tailor the best solution to their requirements and pride ourselves on delivering a service that exceeds expectations.

If you’re interested to learn about how our concierge security service could benefit your company why not call the team on 1300 020 406. We look forward to hearing from you.