Facilities Services – How We Can Help Your Business Get Back to Work Safely

Getting to grips with the Covid-19 pandemic and its aftermath is a trying time for any business. To keep operations going and minimise risk to employees, many companies have adopted new ways of working that have left their stores, factories, offices, and other facilities fairly empty.

Amid growing economic disruption, management teams are considering how to bring back some semblance of normality, and with employees counting on their companies to get them back to work safely, they clearly need a strategy. This is where MA Services Group can help.

Helping your team feel safe when they return to work

Your top priority when bringing employees back is naturally their health and safety. While this is an ethical, legal, and moral obligation for all companies, from a business perspective, ensuring your workforce are safe is paramount because normal operations cannot be achieved successfully without them. Some of the services we can help you with include:

Re-opening Deep Clean

MA Services Group provides a pre-clean and sanitisation of your building to give your workforce peace of mind. We can manage the full range of services you require. As a result, with our experienced workforce, we reassure you that everything has been taken care of.

Acting as your cleaning and hygiene partner, we will carry out a risk assessment to assess your needs and establish the most effective regular cleaning program to control the spread of the virus and lower the risk of a second wave. Not only does this make your employees feel more confident that they are returning to a safe place of work, but it also demonstrates that you are committed to their wellbeing.

Hand hygiene

We can also give you advice on such things as highly visual hand sanitiser stations that can be strategically positioned around your premises. These will draw attention to the need for scrupulous hand hygiene that will be vital in ensuring your premises are resilient and safe in mitigating the risk of transmitting the virus.


Security plays a vital role too in ensuring social distancing is maintained. We can provide security officers to help keep you and your workforce safe. Measures we suggest for social distancing purposes include:

  • Tape on the ground to measure 1.5 metres distance
  • Using rope to implement a one-way system
  • Opening additional doors and exits to help people move through quicker

We also provide a wide range of no-contact temperature scanning solutions enabling you to screen anyone entering your facilities. These include:

  • A high-volume temperature scanner camera system
  • Facial recognition and temperature measurement terminal
  • Walk-through temperature scanning gate

We’ll be happy to discuss these options in further detail and make recommendations as to what is most suitable for your situation.

We imagine some people may get argumentative or angry when denied access but be assured our officers are trained in confrontation measures to avoid the episode escalating into a brawl.

If we can assist in helping to get your building safely open, then please contact our team at MA Services Group today on 1300 020 406.