The Advantages Of Outsourcing Your Company Key Holding Duties To A Third Party

As a responsible key
holder have you ever got to work only to realise that you’ve left
your keys at home? Ultimately you end up driving home to get them
while your staff are left hanging around because they can’t get in to
your premises. As well as the stress and inevitable hassle it
causes, your employees can’t start work and more often than not, this
means a loss of productivity too. You might even lose customers who
either tried to visit your premises when you weren’t there, or had
tried to phone when you couldn’t get in. Whatever the outcome, it
isn’t great. However by outsourcing your key holding duties to a
reputable security company it’s possible to stop all this from


While occasional
absent mindedness isn’t likely to cause your company any long-term
issues there is a more serious benefit to outsourcing your key
holding capabilities and that’s one of reduced risk. Let’s explain.

Key holders are usually
required to physically attend any alarm calls if and when they occur.
Inevitably alarms are usually activated in the early hours of the
morning. If criminal activity is taking place, they could be walking
into a potentially dangerous situation without having the correct
knowledge and/or training to deal with it. Conversely when you place
key holding capabilities in the hands of a trusted security company,
they’re trained in such situations and will know how to react and
most importantly what to do in any given event.


Another advantage of
outsourcing your key holding is of course speed. The quicker the
attendee gets to the premises the more chance they have of preventing
vandalism, theft, or compromised security. The problem is that when
alarms go off unexpectedly key holders might live a good distance
away, or might not immediately answer the phone, or might be
otherwise engaged in another activity. Inevitably this means that
attendance isn’t as quick as it should be. Alternatively when you
place your trust in the hands of a key holding service, they’re
trained to respond immediately and quickly, so in most cases they’re
on the scene fast.

Eradicates the risk
of compensation

Aside from faster
response and reduced risk, what about reduced cost? Lets explain…
If your staff are put in a position where they become injured through
dealing with an incident at your premises they could seek
compensation. By handing your key holding over to a respected
security company you’ll avoid this issue completely.


Finally, on some
occasions when a member of staff attends an out of hours alarm call
out they may have to spend several hours or more sorting out the
problem. This could have a direct impact on their daily working hours
in that they may need time off in lieu. Because of this you may be
operating with a member of staff less and therefore suffering
decreased productivity. Alternatively when you place key holding
responsibility in the hands of a security company, there’s no chance
of staff being called out during non-working hours and ultimately
productivity levels won’t suffer as a result.

As you can see,
outsourcing your key holding responsibilities has many advantages
that can help your business, so if you’d like to talk about
outsourcing your key holding then contact MA Services Group today.
For a no-obligation quote and an insight into how it works call 1300
020 406. We’re confident that you’ll be glad that you did.

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