Ten Reasons Why You Need To Choose A Professional Security Company For Your Key Holding Needs

If your business has an alarm that doesn’t inform anyone that it’s been triggered then it’s pretty pointless. For this reason it’s a necessity for all businesses to have some sort of key holding measure in place. However it’s who you leave that responsibility to that can make all the difference. With this in mind, here are ten reasons why you really should leave it to the pros.

  1. Most alarm calls are false and occur usually during out of hours. Even if they’re not frequent, they can be a massive inconvenience to the lives of staff outside of the workplace.
  2. If the phone goes at 2am a member of staff probably isn’t going to know it’s an alarm call, especially if they’ve had a recent spate of false alarms. This being the case then there’s always a chance that they just might fail to answer the call.
  3. 5% of all alarm calls aren’t false alarms and as such a company could be putting that member of staff at risk
  4. If a member of staff does get attacked during an alarm call they might need time to recover, which will in the long term cost you money.
  5. A professional security guard is trained to respond to just about any security outcome, whereas, chances are a member of staff won’t be.
  6. By hiring a professional security company to handle key holding duties and taking the responsibility off staff members it shows them that you care about their welfare.
  7. By leaving your business in more capable hands during out of hours it gives you greater peace of mind
  8. According to recent reports property crime accounts for 72% of all crime and out of this, 22% is violent, so the possibility that an alarm call will be a real one isn’t as remote as you might think.
  9. Members of staff need to be fully trained in the workings of your alarm system, who to call and how to reset it. If not set properly it could cost you money in alarm call-out fees. Not to mention time spent training them. Conversely dealing correctly with alarm systems are a security guards bread and butter.
  10. Finally, it’s all about deploying the right expertise! A professional security guard has been highly trained to deal with any suspicious circumstances. As such it comes second nature to them. After all, it’s highly unlikely you’d hire a experienced security guard for a skilled supervisor position in your company if that’s not their forte. Yet when the tables are turned that same supervisor might be expected to assume key holding duties.

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