Smartphones – The Next Generation Of Key Platforms For The Security Industry

If you’re working in and around the security industry then there’s a couple of buzzwords you’re sure to have heard and those are ‘convergence’ and ‘integration’. Over the past few years security technology such as Video Monitoring Systems (VMS), alarm systems, and access control systems have started to be built with system integration in mind. Now because of this convergence and integration of varying security systems, experts are looking more closer to home for the next key security platform and that’s your everyday smartphone!

So why is this? Let’s look at the statistics …

As of 2015 it’s reported that around 2.3 billion of the world’s population owns a smartphone. Roughly speaking that’s one in every three people! What’s more, this figure is expected to increase to around 4 billion by 2020. Because of their massive ownership, prices have been driven down and now smartphones are not only more accessible, they’re also more technologically advanced than ever before. For this reason they’re the ideal platform for security.

Here’s why…

Beyond voice calling, today’s smartphones pack super-efficient cellular data and Wi-Fi download/upload capabilities. These are very capable of streaming high quality audio and video streams. Low energy blue tooth systems consume very little power and have the ability to communicate with a number of internet based devices. Aside from, this today’s smartphones also have an increasing number of gyroscopes, tracking devices, and accelerometers that have the capability to provide real-time information about the device’s immediate surroundings. It stands to reason then that from a security standpoint, the smartphone could be the next key platform in the security industry. They’re light, portable, and besides everybody has one.

So what’s been done so far?

In recent years examples of security driven apps have tried to leverage the power of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) for security based access control purposes. This is in place of conventional security access card readers. Other examples include those used to locate and account for employee whereabouts in the event of an evacuation or emergency. Other apps have been brought to the market to enhance communication between a security operation’s centre and it’s employees, wherever they are in the world.

So whereto from here?

As new capabilities emerge every day it’s these type of security applications that will become the forerunners of something big in the security industry. There’s no doubting that the common or garden smartphone is set to become a big player in that technology and is the ideal platform to take the next generation of security monitoring systems forwards. We for one will certainly be watching this space.

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