Security Solutions For Property Managers

The main concern of any
property manager is the security and safety of their tenants as well
as the assets within. As a result it becomes important for property
managers to have the right levels of security in place to meet the
expectations of their tenants, while at the same time not having so
much visible security in place that it scares potential tenants away.

With this in mind, one
of the most difficult challenges is distinguishing between
appropriate levels of security to match that of the surrounding
areas. For example an apartment in the outer-west suburbs of
Melbourne where burglaries and break-ins
are on the rise
might well require different
forms of security than those areas where there is less risk of crime.
For this reason it’s advisable to carry out a risk assessment with
the following questions in mind…

  • What is the type
    of building your protecting?
  • Why you are
    protecting it?
  • What is the
    likelihood of a security breech occurring?
  • How will you
    protect it?

Depending upon the
answers you give your security measures may include…


If deemed necessary and
cameras need to be installed you’ll need to consider a degree of
discretion. You might want to look at installing them in public
places such as parking areas and communal entrances. Modern day CCTV
equipment allows footage to be viewed on any smart phone giving you
access to it at any time of the day or night, thus providing you with

Control of access

If you are looking to
limit who and how people gain entry to your property then control of
access is the obvious solution. It may be a swipe card, a key fob, or
an electronic reader, but they all do the same job of controlling who
is entering your building. The main advantage of this type of access
control is that they replace the use of traditional keys which can be
duplicated or stolen. Access control can also be installed in parking
areas and garages too as well as main entrance doors, therefore
protecting your perimeters.

Concierge security

Depending on the level
of security you feel is necessary you may instead opt for a physical
security presence in the form of a concierge security guard.
Concierge security guards operate in busy buildings mainly in the
reception area where they can monitor all aspects of the building.
They can also carry out regular patrols of secure areas, meet and
greet visitors, receive packages, and take telephone calls.

If you’re still unsure
of how best to protect your property MA Security can help. We can
carry out a full security risk assessment of your property detailing
the areas that need to be addressed and how to best deal with them.
This gives you a clear course of action moving forwards. For further
information call us today on 1300 020 406 and let us
give you a free, no-obligation quote.

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