If you’re considering a job change then the idea to become a security guard might have occurred to you. Security guards are responsible for looking after people, possessions, and places and keeping them safe. Employers tend to look for people who are responsible and mature and who know how to speak and write well. They also expect them to have experience of modern security computer systems, surveillance and video equipment. Alongside these requirements, employers are also looking for people who have specific qualities which are key to the role of security guards.


Top of the list if you’re looking to become a security guard is honesty. Security personnel need to be trustworthy as they’re providing security for a wide range of companies and industries. Their role may include securing access to residential dwellings, office buildings, warehouses, manufacturing plants, banks and building societies, and other commercial entities. Some security guards work within shopping malls and other types of buildings to provide a protective presence throughout the day. More often than not a night security guard will work on his own and will be trusted to stay vigilant and protect the property.


A security guard is always attentive and alert. He must use surveillance techniques to make sure that the area that he is protecting is safe. He needs to be able to stay focused and not get distracted on the job. He also needs to remember things that he sees and be able to provide a written report.

Common sense

Another very necessary quality in a security guard is common sense. He can’t make rash decisions or judgements and instead must rely on reasoning and logic so that he can make decisions on the go. Common sense is especially important in emergencies and altercations.


A person who is hot headed and gets easily riled is certainly not suited to a security job. When a guard is working in a public place he needs to be able to keep calm when disputes or disruptions occur. He needs to be calm in order to reassure worried parents of a lost child. He needs to keep his temper in check and maintain control of every situation, particularly those where violence comes into play.

Physically fit

Finally, he needs to be physically fit and healthy. If there is a breach of security or threat to a person within the building he is guarding, then he needs to be physically capable of handling the situation. He may have to chase and restrain a person who is suspected of a crime and he needs to be strong enough to subdue them until the police arrive.

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