The Important Role That CCTV Plays In Warehouse Security

It’s fair to say that as a security company our guards can’t be everywhere at once. Yes they’re vigilant, attentive, and professional but they don’t have eyes in the back of their heads, so when it comes to asset protection particularly in a large warehouse environment the role of CCTV plays an important part. 

Closed Circuit TV has come along way over the years and now strategically placed smaller cameras can give just one person an overall picture of what’s happening at any one time over the entire length and breadth of the storage facility. Business owners can also now facilitate remote check in using their mobile phone. This means that they can see exactly what the security guard sees at any time of the day or night whenever they choose.

You could say that with security cameras being so good, then why would you need the services of a security guard as well? After all it’s going to save you money. The fact still remains that CCTV cameras only act as a deterrent and if a thief was intent on stealing your stock then the presence of a few cameras might not necessarily stop them, whereas the physical presence of a professional and experienced security guard just might.

Working in harmony

To get the best from CCTV cameras they really need to be used in conjunction with a monitoring service. Whether this is on the premises utilising the services of a static security guard, or accessed remotely at a monitoring station close by. This way should something untoward occur then the on premise guard, or the off premises team can respond quickly and efficiently.

In essence, a good quality CCTV installation ensures that all your bases are covered and that there are no glaringly obvious holes in your security net. If you can get the balance right then it gives you complete peace of mind from day one.

Here at MA Services Group we provide manned security and monitoring services across the south east of Australia and beyond. With a highly skilled team of fully licensed individuals we pride ourselves on providing dedicated, attentive, and above all highly professional security services to a wide range of companies, individuals, and events. If you want to know how best to combine CCTV with manned security then give us a ring on 03 9994 4107 and speak to our experienced team.

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