How Our Keyholding Service Can Be Of Benefit To You

If as a business you can’t justify a full time security guard, then another option might be to consider a keyholding service. Although you might not want to fully hand over the keys of your business during non-working hours or holiday periods, it does have it’s benefits. Let’s take as look at some of them.


As a business owner and a key holder, there’s a strong chance that you’ve been called out to your premises out of hours usually to attend what can only be described as a false alarm. You might have been out for a meal, kicking back and relaxing at home, or in bed sleeping. Whatever you were doing it can easily put a dampener on your evening especially if you’ve got quite a drive to your premises. Having an experienced and trustworthy keyholding company take responsibility for your premises means that when you lock up your business for the day, you can do so safe in the knowledge that it’s being looked after on your behalf.

Avoids reduced productivity rate from employees

If a nominated keyholder has to remain on site after working hours it’s understandable that they might need to get back the time owed to them. This in effect can slow down the rate of productivity the next day, especially if you have customers to serve or orders and deadlines to meet. Handing over the reins to a professional keyholding service during your out-of-hours periods means that at you can be staffed-up at the times you need them most.

Eliminates the risk for potential compensation claims

When a member of staff is on keyholding duty they aren’t going to be trained to deal with every situation. Therefore if the worst comes to the worst and they do get injured or attacked while responding to an alarm call, there’s every chance that they could claim against you for injuries sustained. By hiring a highly experienced keyholding service, this problem is totally eliminated.

Avoids mix up and confusion

It’s all too easy for a member of staff to assume that another key holder is on duty. As a result they may just ignore that 3am phone call meaning that no-one responds. A non response might indeed be simply because of a false alarm, but also it could be that your property or business premises is being vandalised or subjected to theft which could have been prevented if there was a quicker response. With a keyholding company, it ensures this never happens.

Here at MA Services Group we’re a highly experienced security company who take our duties very seriously. In other words, we always respond promptly, that’s 365 days a year 7 days a week. Can you say the same? For further information on how our keyholding service can further benefit you, give us a call on 03 9994 4107 and we’d be more than happy to arrange a meeting.

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