Traditional Business Security – Is It Still Required In Modern Day Companies?

If you’re asked to picture corporate security of old chances are that you’ll envisage an older uniformed man sitting in a small hut at the entrance to a large warehouse or factory waiting for something exciting to happen. Nowadays security has clearly moved on and with the accent on cyber security, those that are trained in such matters are very much in demand. So with the onus being on virtual security, where does this leave our jaded old friend sitting in his hut? Is there still a need for traditional business security?

In a word yes! Despite a plethora of state-of-the-art CCTV cameras where owners can take a virtual look at their business premises at any time of the day or night from the comfort of their mobile phone, there’s still an important need for a physical presence to act as a deterrent. This means that it’s good news for our friend the static guard because he’s still very much alive and well. The difference now however is that he isn’t quite so static.

Modern day security guards

Modern day security guards need to be multifunctional as it probably wouldn’t be feasible, or indeed cost-effective, for a person to carry out control of entry and exit for the duration of their shift. Sure it might well be a part of their job but it also might involve perimeter checks, CCTV monitoring, patrolling car parks looking for anything suspicious, making sure doors and windows are shut and locked and all electrical devices turned off when out of hours, or even simply acting as a deterrent to prevent internal theft. In other words modern day security guards have to be jacks of all trades.

Security advisers

The other role many security guards play are as security advisers. Often companies need to carry out risk assessments and that means liaising with the security company or guard for best practice solutions. A security guard for example is far more likely to envisage problems of a security nature and as such is in the perfect position to advise the best practical and often cost-effective solutions to prevent risk.

As you can see the job role of a security guard has undoubtedly changed over the years but it’s safe to say that there is still a need for traditional business security as long as there continues to be crime and theft.

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