Never Underestimate The Importance Of Warehouse Security

warehouse securityIt’s not hard to see why warehouses attract potential thieves like bees to a honey pot. Warehouses are perceived to hold high value stock which is perfect for stealing and selling on. If you don’t have professional warehouse security in place then you’re practivally inviting illegal activity and putting your employees and inventory at risk. By hiring professional warehouse security guards you can have total peace of mind in knowing that your property, inventory, and staff are safe from any potential threats.

So what services do warehouse guards provide? Let’s take a closer look……

Employee protection

Primarily their presence is intended to deter would be criminals and keep your employees safe. While stolen property can be easily replaced, the same can’t be said of anyone who has suffered injury during a burglary on your premises. Not only can you keep everyone who works for you safe by hiring a warehouse guard but also you can lower your insurance premiums.

Put a stop to employee theft

It’s a well documented fact that the people who work for you are often stealing from you too. You can’t physically be there to watch every member of staff all of the time which gives any person wanting to steal from you, ample opportunity. In addition, employee theft can bring your business down if it is not detected and dealt with in its early stages.

By having professional warehouse security in place, employee theft can be greatly reduced, helping you avoid its costly financial implications. When a guard sees a person stealing from you, they can take immediate action to not only recover your property but also to prosecute them.

As well as a physial presence, warehouse guards can monitor any surveillance cameras and other equipment that you may have dotted around, without having to look over the shoulder of individual employees or walk round the perimeter of your building.


A warehouse guard can also act as the first point of call for visitors by meeting and greeting them and directing them to where they need to be. As such this gives a great first impression of your company and shows you are a caring security conscious individual. Once would be thieves know that there is a guard in place, they’re likely to avoid your premises and target one that’s easier to gain access to.

Emergency response

Despite your best efforts, emergencies can and do happen and you need to be ready to respond when they do. Warehouse guards are trained to deal with a vast range of emergencies and circumstances including shootings, fires, stabbings, burst water pipes, and bodily assaults and are able to take control of the situation, directing both yourself and your staff on the action to take.

So if you’re wondering whether you can afford to hire warehouse guards, perhaps you should be asking yourself can you afford not to. To find out more about warehouse security and the services we provide call MA Security Guards on 03 9339 3500. We’re highly experienced and respected within the industry, and look forward to taking your call.

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