Home Security – 4 Mistakes To Avoid

While we’re all agreed on the importance of home security to keep our loved ones and our property safe and secure, in practice many of us are guilty of forgetting to take the necessary precautions with regards to home security; or we don’t always realise the possible consequences of some of our habits. Now don’t beat yourself up about these mistakes; The important thing is to recognise your mistakes and steer clear of them in order to get your home security on track for the rest of 2018.


#1 Leaving a spare key outside

We’ve probably all left a spare key outside as a precaution against accidentally locking yourself out of your home, or when leaving home without a key only to find that no-one is indoors when you return. While we totally get the reason for leaving a spare key for family members or close friends to use, in reality it simply isn’t a good idea. Could you imagine how dreadful you would feel if a thief gained easy access to your home and made off with your valuables because they had found the hiding place for your spare doorkey? To avoid this costly security error, why not ask a friend or neighbour you can trust, to look after a spare key for you.

#2 Not locking outbuildings

Perhap you don’t consider it that important to lock up your garage or tool shed, but trust us, when we say it is a necessity. Think about it for a moment. What do you keep stored in your garage or shed? We wouldn’t mind betting there are ladders and toolboxes, as well as expensive bicycles and sports equipment. What do thieves need to gain access to your property? Well in many cases a ladder would come in handy as would some tools like a hammer or screwdriver to gain entry. So don’t make it any easier for burglars. Make sure ALL of your possessions are under lock and key.

#3 Not setting your alarm system

Crazy as it seems, many people leave home and forget or don’t bother to set their alarm systems. Even if you’re only popping out for a few minutes, always set your alarm. If the alarm isn’t set then there is no way it can send an alert to a security company or the police, that a burglary has taken place. What’s more, many insurance companies will not compensate you for your losses, if your alarm system was not set when you left home.

#4 Failure to service your alarm system

Finally, remember that it’s important to have your alarm system regularly serviced. You’ve gone to the expense of having an alarm system installed so it makes sense to care for your investment and ensure that you’re getting value for your money. Not only that, a regular service ensures that your alarm system is operating correctly and that it won’t let you down when you need it the most.

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