Is A Mobile Security Patrol Right For Your Business?

mobile security patrolIt’s true, we’re a nation of small businesses! According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics 97% of our nation’s businesses have less than 20 employees. This makes cottage industries the backbone of the Australian economy.

Irrespective of size however, businesses still need to pay close attention to their security. The issue is that smaller businesses don’t have the budgets of larger corporations to invest in the latest technologies and as such they often remain vulnerable to theft.

As most insurance companies dictate the need for businesses to adopt strong security measures, most small businesses will tell you that employing on-site security guards on a full-time basis just isn’t a viable option. This being the case, the best bet could well be to consider a mobile security patrol.

So just how can they help?

Businesses that operate during standard working hours generally have a small number of employees on-site at all times. As long as they maintain a certain sense of vigilance, then any security concerns can and should be kept to a minimum. The challenge however for any small business is how to protect a premises and the assets within, when employees aren’t there. Eg. night times and holiday periods.

Of course the most effective solution is to employ a static guard during out of hours time, but there aren’t many small businesses who can afford that level of security and indeed the expense that goes with it. With this in mind, mobile security patrols offer a more cost effective solution.

The ides is that they will make regular visits to your premises and other businesses, effectively spreading that cost amongst several organisations within the area. This means that businesses get the right level of security they need but at a reduced cost.

Criminal deterrent

Simply by having a patrol regularly keeping a watch on a premises brings with it peace of mind for the business owner, but it can also act as a deterrent to anyone looking for a soft target. By making security more visible it sends a message to criminals that your premises is no longer an easy option. As such the risk to them may be far greater than the rewards found inside and because of this, there’s a strong change that they’ll look somewhere else.

Protecting from Vandalism

The ongoing threat from burglary is just one problem small businesses face. According to the organisation ‘Keep Australia Beautiful‘, it’s estimated that vandalism and graffiti cost businesses over $2.7 billion every single year. As an example the Melbourne City Council alone spend over $4 million on the repair and replacement of vandalised assets. So having regular mobile patrols visiting your premises will close that window of opportunity for those intent on vandalising your property.

So there you have it….

If you’re seeking a cost effective option for your small business security dilemma, then contact MA Security today. As well as supplying security guards for event’s and personal protection, we can also help with mobile security patrols. Talk to us on 1300 020 406 about how we can protect you from criminal activity today.

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