Do You Need CCTV? Here Are 5 Top Reasons Why You Just Might!

Unfortunately CCTV, is no longer a luxury in people’s homes but rather a necessity. Gone are the days where you could go out and leave your door open and not have to worry about crime. According to the Victoria police department crime rates are on the rise. In fact total offences have increased by 14.9% since 2010. That includes burglary, theft, arson and property damage.

These days people stand a higher chance of obtaining prosecution so the identification of a person complete with proof of wrong-doing is vital. What better way to do exactly that than with CCTV. While this is crucial, if you want to press charges, it isn’t the only reason more people are opting for CCTV. Here are 5 other reasons why we strongly believe it might benefit you.

Hint – They mightn’t be what you think!

Who’s approaching your door?

There’s nothing worse than just settling down for the evening, only to hear the doorbell ring. You’ve got your TV dinner on your lap and your favourite program is just about to start – Problem solved! From the comfort of your chair you can simply open up your smart phone and click on the remote viewing app. From there you can instantly see whose car has just pulled up or whose face is at the door. If it’s a door to door salesman, then you know not to answer the bell.

Mum, Dad – I’m back!

In the 21st century keeping a close eye on our children is essential. Parents are working longer hours while kids are arriving home a little after 3pm. With remote viewing you no longer have to worry that your kids are roaming the streets. Instead simply open up your smart phone and watch your kids arriving home safely and on time, even when you’re still hard at it.

Is the dog okay?

So, despite the fact that it’s forty degrees outside, chances are that you still need to work. For many pet owners, it’s an especially worrying time. How is my dog coping? Are they drinking sufficient water? Did I leave them sufficient water? Luckily for you a CCTV system can track the progress of your pets and ensure that they are being watched, even if you’re not there.

What about my order – Has it arrived yet?

Nowadays many people order online and many have their parcels delivered to their front step. The trouble is that we don’t always have the luxury of being around when the delivery man arrives. However with remote viewing at least we’ll be able to keep a close eye on the parcel until we get home. This is especially true if you’ve been waiting weeks for something to come back into stock, as the last thing you want is for a passer by to take an instant liking to it.

I’m sure I left the light on!

We all deserve a break from time to time and for most of us, that means the annual 2 week vacation. However when we’re away, we can’t always keep a close eye on our properties. Okay so we can ask neighbours or family members to check in once in a while, but what about if we have important mail that needs to be taken inside. Or what about that light we’re not so certain we turned off? By having remote access to CCTV you can log in from your hotel lobby 1000’s of miles away and get instant peace-of-mind. What’s more, if you do find that you have left the light on, you can always send them a quick message – Job done. Now you can enjoy the rest of your holiday!

Still not convinced you need CCTV?

Then why not contact MA Security. As well as supplying security guards for events, businesses and high net individuals, we also supply and fit CCTV cameras to businesses and properties. Why not contact us on 1300 020 406 and talk to our experts. We can help put your mind at rest.

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