How To Stay Safe At Sporting Events

Judging by the huge
numbers of fans who flock to playing grounds and stadiums across the
country to support their favourite teams at weekends, it’s pretty
clear that us Aussies have a passion for sports. MA Security
regularly provides security cover at these popular events and it’s
fair to say that this is a big responsibility. We’ve also become very
familiar with crowd behaviour which is one of the reasons we thought
it would be a good idea to give you some tips for staying safe at
sporting events. So here goes.

Planning your trip

Planning is an
essential part of any trip and starts with you finding some mates to
attend the event with. It’s true when they say that there’s safety in
numbers. Having booked your tickets it’s then a good idea to plan
your mode of transport so everyone in your group knows just how
they’re getting to and from the venue. It’s also a chance to plan
what you need to take with you so that you’re not carrying non
essentials about with you. If it’s a day event then make sure you
have sunscreen with you, a hat, and a refillable bottle of water.

Make sure you have a

This applies to any
crowded place, so either stay within your group or pair up with
another member of the group. Try not to walk around on your own as
you could get approached by a stranger or get lost. Unfortunately,
incidents can occur where people on their own, through no fault of
their own, end up in a confrontation or fight.

Keep your valuables

When a large crowd of
people are moving around it’s easy for an opportunist to snatch a
wallet or mobile phone. Look out for a cloakroom or lockers if you’ve
got a bag with you, otherwise keep your belonging with you and in
your sight at all times.

Be aware

Before the game starts
make sure you know the location of the restrooms, emergency exits,
and security personnel. This means you’ll be familiar with the
surrounding area. If something feels wrong, and you feel
uncomfortable or unsafe, then make a security guard aware of the
issue. In the unfortunate event that some sort of incident does
occur, then remain calm and remember to stick with your group of
mates or family. Security staff and event stewards are there to help,
so listen to what they say and follow their instructions.

Stay in control

Sporting events are
well known for fans drinking so if you plan on having a drink then
make sure you’ve eaten a meal beforehand. While you’re there to have
fun, remember to drink in moderation and keep it close to you at all
times to avoid anyone spiking it.

Control your behaviour
and respect everyone around you, after all, everyone wants to have a
good time.

Also stay in control of
your timing and, knowing that it’s going to be crowded, allow
yourself plenty of time to enter and exit the venue so that you’re
not rushing.

Meet up plan

It’s easy to get
separated from friends and family all caught up in a swirl of people
trying to get away from the venue as quickly as possible. We
recommend pre-arranging a group meeting point so that if anyone does
get lost from your group they know where to head. With this back up
plan, you’ll have peace of mind that every group member finds their
way to the meeting point once the event ends.

Hopefully you take
these tips on board when you attend your next sporting event and be
sure to keep a look out for MA Security members too. We offer a wide
range of security services so if you need some advice or want to hire
a security guard, then give us a call on 1300 020 406.  

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