Hospital Security And The Reasoning Behind It

Outside of your own
home you’d expect your local hospital to be a safe place. After all
it’s where you’re loved ones are cared for when they’re ill. It’s a
place that can give life as well as healing wounds, so why would you
need hospital security? 

Unfortunately hospitals
are no longer the safe haven they once were and you’ve only got to
look back at the news to see just how many major security incidents
have occurred in Australian hospitals recently.

In January for example
a well known violent criminal, and one of Australia’s most wanted
men, shot and injured a policeman and a security guard while being
treated at a hospital in Nepean New South Wales. While 3 months later
in April 2016 a patient with a violent history attacked 3 security
personnel at a hospital in Footscray Victoria. This attack came less
than 2 years after a neurosurgeon was attacked in the foyer of the
very same hospital where he was viciously stabbed 13 times.
Thankfully it was only down to the skills of his colleagues that he
survived. These incidents collectively have prompted security to be
tightened in hospitals throughout the country and this comes at a
time when the Auditor General’s report found that doctors and nurses
faced unacceptable risks from violent patients or visitors. 

Providing security
services in specialised places such as hospitals requires expertise
and know how. As such a fully trained hospital security team has the
ability to: 

  • Reduce the risk of
    workplace violence being carried out by patients and visitors alike
    – and effectively manage that risk
  • Maximise the
    safety and security of all hospital personnel contained within
  • Protect any
    property and buildings from damage which may otherwise be needed to
    save life
  • Provide complete
    peace-of-mind to hospital staff visitors and patients through a
    professional visible security presence.
  • Balance the finer
    aspects of security with complete and total discretion and

Hospital security
doesn’t have to be a show of weapons and searches at the front door
and hopefully it will never come to this. However by adopting a clear
and defined security presence it shows that anyone considering
causing violent acts or harm to hospital workers and/or to other
individuals within that environment, that they’re being closely

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