Exploring The 6 Core Functions Of A Trained Security

If you’re looking to hire a trained security guard for whatever reason then it’s worth remembering that security guards are there to prevent risk, crime, and theft to you, your business, or your property. What they aren’t are law enforcement personnel. The difference is that

Security guards are there to protect specific people and property, whereas law enforcement personnel are there to protect all people, property and enforce laws”

With this in mind, here are the 6 roles and responsibilities of a security guard


They say that prevention is better than cure and in the case of a security guard, their main role is to act as a deterrent. If for instance there have been no incidents and offences since the security guard was hired, then rather than think they’re not needed because all is well, it could be looked on instead that they’re actually doing a great job.

Being visible

Okay, so in other roles of the industry you do get covert security where personnel are trained to blend into the background. However when it comes to property or business guarding, or even event security at a festival, then visibility is paramount. In most cases theft, damage, and vandalism can all be thwarted by the very sight of a security guard or patrol.

Being vigilant

A good security guard always has their “ear to the ground” so to speak. They’re trained to expect the unexpected and to listen, watch, and be open to any possibility and any time. What’s more a highly-conscientious security guard might even become suspicious of anyone seeming to draw them away from their post or area of responsibility and this is to be expected, especially if the guard happens to be doing their job correctly.

Observe and report

Should a security guard witness an event or action, then their main role is to observe and report. If an offence has taken place then a trained security guard will never simply charge in unless of course it’s safe to detain, restrain, and hold the perpetrator. If this isn’t possible or it’s too dangerous to do so they’ll stay calm, weigh up the situation, and observe and report the events to the relevant authorities.

Seeking help

In circumstances where it’s simply to risky to tackle the perpetrator, then a core function of a security guard is to seek help. Inevitably this means contacting the police who have the resources and the responsibility to deal with situations such as these.

Becoming part of a team

It might be that the security guard you’ve hired isn’t on your employee role as they’re part of a security company who subcontracts guards to businesses. Inevitably though, they could still be responsible for helping to uphold company values, rules, and regulations and in this sense become part of your team. This could mean making sure employees are wearing company identification where necessary or carrying out timely locker checks if applicable. Whatever the rules, merging perfectly into your team is something that any security guard should be able to do effortlessly.

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