Exploring a Customer Service Approach To Security With A Concierge Service

A decade or so ago it used to be that security and reception duties were two different entities, but with cut backs and cost-cutting exercises it made sense to merge this role. As such many security companies now offer a concierge security service. But what exactly does it entail?

If you’re a medium to large business or corporation and you need to ‘beef up’ your security whilst boosting your productivity a concierge service offers the perfect solution. It’s ideal for companies who need either sickness or holiday cover, or cover during busy times. Alternatively a company may also decide to bring in outsourced staff on a full-time contract basis if they so choose.

Meet and greet services

Firstly just like a concierge or receptionist a trained concierge security guard is able to provide meet and greet services. This means that any new visitors to the building would be signed in, welcomed and directed to where they would need to go. The security guard would also be responsible for contacting the relevant departments to let them know that they had visitors. They may also receive packages and mail just as a company receptionist would.

Switchboard call handling

In most instances a concierge security guard should also be fully trained to handle switchboards and other phone systems. They’ll also be fully briefed on your business and your role so that they can advise potential clients, answer basic customer queries and deal with people in general.

Maintain front-of-house security

Aside from reception duties one of their main job roles is to maintain front of house security and this is where a concierge security guard comes into their own. They’ll be able to keep a close eye on any suspicious actions and are trained to respond quickly in the event of an emergency such as a fire or bomb threat. They’ll also monitor movements in a friendly and non-confrontational manner ensuring only authorised personnel gain admittance to the relevant restricted areas.

In essence a concierge security guard has to be the best of two roles taking on both the customer centric role of concierge and merging this with vigilance of a security guard. As such it does require specialist training, but one that for any potential client, opens the door to a whole new world of possibilities.

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