Considering Hiring A Security Guard? – Then Here’s What You Need To Know

Whether it’s for crowd control, asset/property protection, or concierge/security services, security guards are the ideal choice for those who need total peace-of-mind. However it’s important to find the right company or service that fits your needs as more often than not you’re placing them in a position of trust. For this reason hiring the right company is important and it’s worth taking time to do a bit of ground work.

So why would you hire a security guard anyway?

Generally speaking, people are becoming far more ‘security’ aware these days and as a result security personnel are being used in greater abundance. Not only this, hiring a qualified professional also has many benefits. Firstly at the most basic level, it gives the customer peace-of-mind as often, the mere fact of simply having a security person present is often enough to deter a criminal. In addition security personnel are trained to be suspicious of (or to seek out) any abnormal behaviour which can escalate into further problems or criminal activity. This means that there’s a far greater chance of the issue being quelled, way before it gets out of control. Finally if a situation does escalate a security guard is trained to initiate a quick response thus limiting any damage or theft to property/belongings, or indeed injury to people

What type of jobs would a security guard taken on?

With a greater demand for ‘flexible’ security, professional security companies are being used for a large number of purposes. These can range from close protection, property/asset guarding, through to crowd/event control and even private parties. To mirror this demand many security companies now train their staff in all aspects of the job to include basic security measures and close protection skills. In addition many security guards are being used in concierge roles and as such, important skills such as communication and PR are also vital

What do you need to ask a potential security company?

Like most positions of trust, relevant experience is crucial. Therefore it’s important to ask the company whether they can supply you with background knowledge of any potential candidates within their company. There’s also nothing like a gut feeling, so with this in mind, it’s also a good idea to speak directly with the candidates so that you get a better impression of the people that you’re directly trusting your business, family, property, event or assets with. Finally check all licenses and make sure that they’re valid.

What about after the company has been hired? What should you do then?

Firstly, information is key. The more clear and concise the directions the smoother and hassle-free the job will be. An experienced security company knows that the ‘devil is in the detail’ and as such will work with you to go over the finer points of the operation so that they can then brief their teams/personnel.

So there you have it! Everything you need to know about hiring a security company.

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