Concierge – A More Discreet Form Of Security

Most people when they
think of security tend to envisage large burly men patrolling
buildings with walkie talkies whereas the reality is often quite
different. Traditional uniformed security guard protection is a very
effective form of security and often the sight of the uniform is
sufficient deterrent to prevent any sort of trouble from occurring.
However, there are situations where more discreet security is
necessary such as in the use of concierge security officers. Let’s
take a closer look at the role of concierge security in modern day

Where you might find
concierge security officers

Concierge is a branch
of security that is very useful in places such as hotels, nightclubs,
apartments, and events, where it may be necessary to have security in
place without it being overly apparent to visitors and event
attendees. Concierge staff are fully qualified in all aspects of
security training but in addition to this they also possess a wealth
of customer service skills, which means in effect that when you hire
a consierge security officer, it’s almost equivalent to hiring two
separate people – a security guard and a receptionist.

The role of a
concierge security officer

Concierge officers
offer a wide range of services which are tailored to the needs of
individul clients and which can include such tasks as welcoming
visitors, giving them directions to other places within the facility,
taking phone calls, escorting members of staff safely to their
vehicles, signing for packages, answering emergency calls, patrolling
the building, monitoring CCTV systems, checking that doors and
windows are locked at the end of the day, and numerous other tasks.

Dressed to impress in a
smart suit, they add an air of professionalism to the front desk and
in addition they offer a constant presence of security on the
premises, enabling clients, staff members, and tentants to feel safe
throughout the day and/or night. Many businesses are benefiting from
the advantages of providing a higher level of customer service,
satisfaction, and security. Perhaps your business too could benefit
from a more discreet style of security along with a better level of
customer service.

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