Are You Getting Value For Money From Your Security Company?

If you’re considering
hiring a security company then you need to know that they’re giving
you the very best possible service for your money. By asking the
following questions you can delve deeper into their business to give
you more of a true indication of what to expect.

How is your company

When it comes to
management many companies are top heavy with too many chiefs and not
enough Indians. The money for their salaries has to come from
somewhere so it’s worth finding out just who is in charge of the
company and how many layers are beneath them and the security guards,
so you can be confident you’re paying for the most efficient service.
If a security company is keeping a check on their own costs, then any
savings can be passed down to their customers.

How well do you know
your sector?

If a security company
is already knowledgeable about your industry and currently operating
within it, find out how they are using this advantage to improve
their service to their customers. For example, if they’re in the
retail sector, they may have introduced a loss reporting system.

What sort of
industry reputation does your company have?

A security company that
regularly trains their security guards, pays above the average wage,
and treats them fairly, is more likely to attract professional guards
who understand the needs of the industry as well as the needs of the
customer. Happy staff will stay with a company, which means they
won’t be passing hefty recruitment fees down to their customers. You
can also rest assured that the security guards will be working to the
same professional standards as you’d expect.

Are your staff

If you feel confident
about your security then not only does it give you peace of mind, but
represents good value for money. Ask how security staff performance
is measured so you can be sure that your outlay is having a positive
impact on your business.

How do your security
guards fit in with my staff?

If you’re in retail for
example, it’s important that your staff understand the need for a
security guard since the whole group need to be pulling together to
work as part of that environment. So ask whether the security company
holds training sessions to educate their customer’s staff on retail
theft scenarios and how best to work with their security guard.

What does ‘personal
service’ really mean?

Hiring a security
company who take the time to listen to their customer’s needs
throughout the duration of the contract means that your needs will
always be met. A good security company should never suggest a service
that isn’t really needed and they should give honest advice at all
times. If your requirements change from the original contract, then
the security company should not continue to carry on with services
that you no longer require.

Putting these questions
to a security company should help you determine the level of security
that you’ll receive. Here at MA Security we’re transparent in all
that we do and happy to give you an honest answer to all your
questions. We strive at all times to deliver a service that is
tailored to the individual needs of our clients. Call us on 1300 020
406 if you’d like to consider using our services.

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