7 Effective Bar Security Tips

Bar SecurityEven though ‘staying in‘ is classed as the new ‘going out‘ a well run bar can be as popular a place now as it was a few decades back. Despite this, it only takes a small lapse in security to encourage those intent on engaging in criminal activity to enter your bar. Let’s face it, a crowded bar is a magnet for any self respecting pickpocket and when word gets round that your venue is less than safe, it will start to empty out quicker than you can say ‘security risk‘.

In order that you maintain a popular venue it’s necessary to look after your customers, after all they’re the ones spending the cash. With this in mind, here are some winning tips on how to operate effective security for your bar.

Stay alert

Some of the more popular bars will have security guard stationed on the doors. It’s their responsibility to ensure the safety of those within while keeping a eye out for any trouble or criminal activity. Even if you can’t afford to pay for doormen, you can still remain vigilant. Keep a look out for who is hanging around outside and watch for any suspicious activity. If you witness any criminal activity call the police immediately and let them deal with it.

Don’t store too much cash

Always ensure takings are frequently deposited into the bank. The cash drawers should always be cashed up at the end of a busy night and should only ever be left with a minimum float.

Install CCTV

CCTV doesn’t have to be expensive and just one or two cameras sends a message out to those intent on criminal activity that Big Brother is watching them.

Never open or close the venue on your own

Opening or closing a venue on your own can leave you vulnerable in the event of a break in. While it isn’t wise to try and tackle any burglars should they want to break in, opening or closing in pairs might just deter them from trying.

Run frequent audits

Surprisingly internal theft costs employers far more money than theft from burglary. If you are seen carrying out frequent stock checks and audits, employees know that you take your security seriously. As such those looking to steal from you may think twice before trying.

Ensure sufficient lighting

Okay so some bars are well known for being a bit dark and dingy. In some cases this adds to their charm. However from a security perspective it isn’t ideal because it gives criminals the chance to carry out their business without being detected. We’re not suggesting that your bar is lit up like the Manly ferry, but sufficient lighting in entrance areas and corners goes a long way in helping to prevent pickpocketing and theft.

Make bar security a concern of everyone

It’s no good being vigilant if your staff don’t understand the situation. At the end of the day, it isn’t possible to have eyes everywhere. For this reason your staff need to buy into security. Look to recognise and reward employees who spot security downfalls or report criminal activity and make it the problem of all concerned.

If you’d like to find out more about better bar security or would like to book a security assessment, contact MA Security. We’ve been in the security industry for many years and as well as providing security personnel, we provide sound security advice for businesses looking to protect their bottom line. Why not contact us on 1300 020 406 for better peace of mind today.

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