4 Ways That Event Security Guards Can Help To Make Your Event Run Like Clockwork

As the summer is in
full swing and the temperature’s soaring it’s definitely festival
season Whether that consists of a mammoth music event, a large
street fair or carnival, or something a bit more bespoke like an open
air concert, it’s a place where large groups of people are likely to
gather. When this happens there’s always the potential for problems.
Hiring an experienced team of event security guards can help to make
sure that your event runs like clockwork. Here’s how…

Managing access

One of the biggest
headaches of any event is managing access into and out of the venue.
As an attendee, there’s nothing worse that having to wait hours in
lengthy queues to be let in or leave an event that you’ve been
looking forward to. It can put a real downer on the day, even before
it’s started. Not only this, crowd congestion can also be a sparking
point for trouble, so the trick is to keep the crowd moving, while
being vigilant enough to carry out thorough contraband checks and
searches if necessary. This is something a skilled security team can
help with.

Being a visible

Where there are large
groups of people, crime generally follows as it presents a golden
opportunity for thieves and drug pedlars to operate. A skilled
security team will organise sufficient personnel so that they’re able
to patrol the venue at all times while not being overstretched. When
most criminals are opportunists, a patrolling security guard may well
act as a physical deterrent to anyone thinking about committing a

Making sure people
are safe

As well as keeping a
lookout for any dodgy activity, experienced security guards are
trained in health and safety aspects too and have the ability to act
on them quickly and efficiently. During their patrols or their static
positions, an event security guard might be watching for any serious
congestion issues throughout the venue, for anyone looking
particularly worse for wear from too much alcohol, or if it’s a hot
day, anyone showing signs of sunstroke. If any of the above occur
then they may consider calling an ambulance, evacuating a particular
person, or opening up another emergency access route should they need

Providing customer

Customer service is
probably something you don’t normally associate with event security,
but if you think about it, they’re the best people to provide
directions, help a lost person find the way back to their car, point
out the directions to the rest rooms, or help them locate the nearest
first aid station.

As you can see, with
the right experienced team on board, your event stands a far greater
chance of running without a hitch. Remember the more attendees, the
greater your responsibility, so it pays to hire a highly skilled team
to help.

At MA Services Group,
we’ve been providing event security to the regions largest events for
many years. As such we have the skills to see that your event goes by
without a hitch. Contact us on 1300 020 406 to discuss
how we can help you today.

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