4 Top Tips To Navigating Festival Entrance Security Like A Pro

It’s pretty much impossible these days to enter any kind of music event, concert or major sporting event without getting searched before entry. This isn’t likely to change any time soon and if anything, festivals that attract a lot of people should expect a higher security presence. With this in mind, as a potential festival goer, how do you get through festival entrance security calmly and in a professional manner?

They’re simply doing their job

Yes it might be a bit of a drag and one that’s temporarily preventing you from seeing your favourite band, or sports team in action, but if you take on a negative attitude to being searched, then chances are you’ll be stopped and detained further. Instead why not look on it that the security guards are simply doing their job which is to make sure that you have a great time in complete safety? Do this and you’ll get through it far quicker. So try to present yourself in a non-threatening manner, smile, be friendly, and make eye contact.

Changing your demeanour and attitude

A security guard at a busy festival or event has to deal with thousands of people wanting to gain entrance. As such they only have a split second to make a decision about you. Why not make it easy and paint the picture that you want them to see. How about having your ID out ready for them to view, have your pockets empty, purses open, and definitely dispense with the ‘Do you know this is the most I’ve been touched all week‘ gag which they’ve probably heard 1000’s of times before. Remember they’re not trying to make life difficult for you, unless of course, you give them reason to.

Don’t bring any contentious items into the festival

Obviously weapons and illegal substances are something that really don’t need mentioning, but what about others you might not know about? Here are a few to think about…

  • Portable laser equipment and pens
  • Unofficial reflective jackets and tabards
  • Glass jars, bottles and containers
  • Aerosols (usually over 250ml)
  • Flares, fireworks or Chinese lanterns
  • Excessive amounts of cigarettes or alcohol
  • So called ‘legal highs’
  • Air horns

What about inappropriate searches?

Any respectable security company will take an inappropriate search allegation very seriously. If you feel that you have been searched in an inappropriate manner then it’s important to stay calm and not to get angry. Instead be polite but firm and ask to see a supervisor. Also if you’re with friends, ask them to document the encounter. Tell the supervisor what happened and always keep to the facts. Finally – let the supervisor deal with the issue.

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