4 Surprisingly Common Security Mistakes That Businesses Make

There are a number of different aspects that go into making a business premises safe and secure. That said there are also a number of security mistakes that many businesses also make that can easily jeopardise that security. With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most (surprisingly) common ones.

Leaving a spare key near the premises

While there is a certain logic to leaving a key close to your business premises it is in fact a really bad idea. The idea of leaving a spare key near the premises entrance has been going on for years and as such, any potential criminal or petty thief worth their salt already knows most of the places that it might be hidden in. As such it’s the first place that they’re going to look. Alternatively if you have to keep a spare key, then it’s far better to leave it with a trusted work colleague or friend and keep it well away from the premises.

Not taking the whole building into account

You’ll be surprised at how many businesses concentrate their security efforts on the ground floor, but forget about the floors above. In many cases employees or managers often leave windows wide open on upper floors, either because they forget to close them, or they don’t deem it necessary to do so. The truth is that a floor or two isn’t likely to stop a criminal from entering, especially if they spot an opportunity, and as long as we have ladders in this world, second and third floors should be kept as secure as the ground floor.

Keeping valuable and attractive goods in full view

It’s understandable that as a shop or retailer you want to show off your products. What better way to do this than to put them pride-of-place in the shop window so as to attract the attention of passers-by. The trouble is that to any potential thief it can attract attention for the wrong reasons. So don’t let them know that they’re on to a sure thing! Instead think about putting valuable and attractive items at the back of the store away from the window if possible. Alternatively if you’re a successful office with a myriad of expensive computer equipment, look to cover it up at night so as not to attract unwanted prying eyes.

Failing to alarm security systems

To be honest this one baffles us a little. After all, why would you go to all that trouble of installing what’s probably an expensive alarm system and then failing to arm it? If you want security to be the best that it can be, every person who is involved in the locking and unlocking of your premises needs to know how to activate and deactivate the alarm.

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