How Important is Event Security?

With the Covid 19 lockdown gradually easing, we’re all looking forward to events starting to take place once again. However, let’s be clear on one thing – event-goers are going to experience a different type of ‘normal’.

Event organisers are going to have to demonstrate enhanced security measures to gain the confidence of the public. Due to the pandemic, traditional security screening isn’t enough. Instead, the new normal will include bio-security screening too.

Thermal cameras and walk-through thermal-Imaging are both methods that may be used to detect elevated temperatures of event attendees and prevent them from gaining access to the event, potentially spreading the disease.

Some things, however, never change and this includes the need for event security officers at events. This post is to refresh everyone’s mind about what event security can do for them. So let’s dive in and take a quick look.

Prevent intruders and gate-crashers

There are always those people that attempt to gain access to events and will sometimes use force to get in. Fortunately, we’re old hands at event security and will ensure that only ticket holders or invited guests gain access to the event.

Crowd control

Without appropriate crowd management, any type of event can become disorderly. Commotion issues are more likely to occur if alcohol is involved but disruption can still occur at a large gathering with or without the influence of alcohol. Our highly-trained security officers know how to control crowns and maintain discipline.

High profile guest security

It’s a bit of a no-brainer, but if high profile people or celebs are due to attend the event, it’s the organiser’s responsibility to maintain their safety. Security officers at entrance and exits will prevent armed or unwanted people from gaining access to the premises. In addition, our security officers will make sure that no one comes near the VIPs and that everyone maintains social distancing.

Prevent unwanted media attention

The media may well have their eye on your event particularly if you have invited high profile guests or celebrities. If they haven’t been asked to cover the event, they’ll still try their best to get in. Handling such matters can be tricky since nobody wants negative publicity. Fortunately, our security officers are here to come to the rescue. They have the ability and experience to prevent media personnel from entering and causing a disturbance.

Security breaches

Without security officers, there’s a chance that intruders could take advantage of costly equipment on the premises. With the help of CCTV cameras and security officers, a close eye will be kept on every detail of your event. What’s more, video footage from the CCTV cameras can also be used as evidence should any breach of security occur.

To Handle Emergency Situations

Emergency situations such as a fire, bomb blast or terrorist attack call for a calm head. Our security officers are trained to react in emergency situations with the safety of event-goers being uppermost in their minds. By hiring security guards any type of emergency can be handled efficiently and thanks to the expertise of our staff, any panic is kept to a minimal. They know how to react to any crisis and how to evacuate people safely.

So now you know the importance of security at your event, make sure you hire the right security officers. Get in touch with MA Services Group by calling 1300 020 406 to discuss your event.