MASG Making it Safer For Everyone

Every element of our lives has been changed forever by the Covid-19 pandemic. People wish things could return to the way they were before, and most people feel a sense of anxiety about starting to return to the ‘new normal’.

Many people are confused as to what needs to happen for a safe return and this is where MASG can help with safety measures, whether that be deep-cleaning or social distancing marshals. Many sectors of the community will need additional help to adhere to certain aspects of the safety guidelines and keeping on top of these can be difficult.

The first place to start for many is a risks assessment and we have trained personnel who can help both with the initial and ongoing stages of return policies.

Assessing the risks

MASG can provide support by conducting a safety risk assessment of your premises. By identifying potential risks we can judge and assess the best way to mitigate those risks to ensure a safe and secure working environment for your staff and your customers.

Social distancing marshals

Staying up to date and understanding when and how guidelines need to be implemented and administered can be tricky at best for retail business owners. We are continually training our social distancing marshals in ways to apply measures effectively and safely, including amongst other challenges, the use of conflict resolution.

Our trained personnel know the procedures needed to continue to keep safe, protecting themselves and others, reducing the risk of further COVID-19 transmission within your workforce and customers.

Social distancing procedures enable businesses to mitigate staff responsibly for policies, systems, and procedures that they may or may not be qualified in, yet may be liable for, which, in turn, allows for a more’ business as usual’ approach with staff still able to continue with their key duties.

While social distancing is at the core of being able to return to work safely, there are several other measures that can be implemented to ensure a greater level of wellbeing and safety for everybody.

Advanced measures

  • Entry controlA people flow system can be used to monitor how many people are in a building at any one time, providing a quick and easy solution to maintaining social distancing policies. Systems can be tailored to set the maximum number of people you wish to be in your building and which entrance you want to monitor.
  • Deep cleaning and sanitising – Many businesses may require a more substantial cleaning process to ensure all sectors of their building are suitably sanitised. Our cleaning operatives are trained in the most up to date coronavirus deep cleaning procedures and we can tailor a package to suit your needs.
  • Thermal imaging – One of the most advanced methods to help maintain a safe working environment is with the use of thermal imaging cameras. These are used to detect increased body temperatures, effectively avoiding any issues before they occur.
  • Hygiene – Keeping our hands clean is the most important action for all of us to take. Hands should always be washed thoroughly or sanitised after touching any surface or picking something up. Depending on the nature of activities involved in your business, deep cleaning or surface cleaning may be required.

MASG is here to help return your business, association, or school back to an environment that is as safe as possible for everyone concerned. Should you need advice or assistance then please get in touch to see how we can help. Call MASG today on 1300 020 406.