MA Services Group’s Commitment to First Nations People

MA Services and the communities of the First Nations have a long history of mutual support and dedication. At MA Services, we take our culture very seriously, and our commitment to First Nations People has always been central to our company’s ethos. To demonstrate our continued commitment, we have officially begun distributing our brand-new First Nations People’s uniform nationwide since October.

This new uniform perfectly embodies everything that MA Services stands for. Strong community spirit and sustainable operations are the essence and foundation of our company, and this uniform reflects our dedication to a better future for all. Our new uniform is made entirely from recycled plastic bottles; each shirt conserves approximately 1,400 litres of water and produces significantly fewer carbon emissions than virgin materials.

With graphics designed by Lani Balzan, a proud Aboriginal artist from the Wiradjuri people of the three-river tribe, our uniform symbolises the close connection between our staff and the greater community. This incredible new addition reflects the artist’s extensive consideration, commitment, and creative spirit. This is a momentous occasion for MA Services, as we have always desired to highlight our relationship with First Nations People and the community. This uniform does much more than that.

The ‘U’ shape represents people because they are the foundation of our business and everything we do. Without people, there is no business. The distinctive “Teal” colour represents the MA family we all know and love. The colour black represents the communities we serve and our commitment to continue fostering their growth.

The larger people symbol represents the employee who wears the uniform and demonstrates respect and pride for everyone. We are proud of both our work and our employees. The path near the circle symbolises MA’s journey to incorporate the Aboriginal culture, with a gathering symbol uniting us as one. Connection, collaboration, and support These are some of the many core values upon which MA Services bases its operations. And we are proud to show off our incredible new uniform to the communities we love to serve.