Professional Key Holding Service : Why It Might Be A Great Fit For Your Business

So you’ve taken the step of getting your premises alarmed and you’ve even installed the latest CCTV but what about when that alarm does actually go off? You can bet your life that firstly it will be way outside of working hours and secondly, on a night when you’re not sat at home. If you’ve got to then drive 10 or 20 kms to get to your premises only to find that it’s a false alarm, it can be pretty frustrating. With a professional key holding service, it takes the worry and indeed the frustration away from you

So what exactly professional key holding service do?

As the name suggests a professional key holding service (usually a security company) will hold a set of keys pertaining to your property so that in the event of an alarm, it’s they who will respond quickly and efficiently instead of you. If there has been a break in then the person in question is fully trained to deal with it and will know what to do and who to contact. Most importantly, they know not to put themselves at risk. If the police need to be called, then they’ll co-ordinate that and they won’t leave your premises until it’s been fully secured.

Periodic checks

Aside from responding to alarm calls, a professional key holding service can also carry out periodic checks on your premises during non-working hours. It’s very easy for a member of staff to leave a window or door unlocked, so by carrying out periodic checks it’s easy to make sure that all accessible area remain secure.

CCTV monitoring

Along with key holding duties many security companies will also act as an off-base or remote CCTV monitoring station. This way, if they see anything untoward, they can despatch a security guard to deal with the problem right away

Communication updates and recommendations

Finally a professional key holding service should give regular updates on any activities they’ve noticed during out-of-hours time. They’ll also make any recommendations to you in order to help protect your building better. This way, you’re kept fully informed of any potential security issues should the need arise.

In essence a professional key holding service isn’t just the preserve of multi-national companies and should be part of any business, especially if they have security in mind. It takes the risk element and indeed the burden out of giving a work colleague key holding responsibility and what’s more, it’s carried out by people who are trained in such situations.

If you’re interested in learning more about a professional key holding services or any other aspect of your workplace security then consult with MA Services Group. We’ve been supplying key holding services to industries a variety of small and large businesses for many years so why not contact us on 03 9994 4107 and speak to the experts about a solution.

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