Weighing Up The Cost Of Your Business Security

Whatever business or industry you’re in, there are 3 letters which usually dictate what you spend your money on – ROI! Before parting with any cash businesses understandably take into consideration the return they’re likely to receive for any initial outlay spent.

Where something tangible is concerned such as wages or stock, it’s easy to see what the return will be. However when it comes to something intangible like your security, how do you estimate what your return on your initial investment?

The truth is that money invested in security measures won’t return you a single penny, well…not in the literal sense anyway. However let’s put it this way…. figures recently released show that theft and damage cost Australian businesses an eye watering $2.7 billion per year. It seems then that as business owners you need to quite literally have eyes in the back of your head.

One way to protect your business is to install good quality CCTV, but the question is, is it really worth it for your business? The problem is that CCTV systems won’t actually stop someone from breaking and entering. However they do act as a strong deterrent and can help to identify perpetrators should the need arise. Of course you may never be a victim of theft or vandalism and in these instances you need to weigh up the likelihood of it happening.

  • Do you know of surrounding businesses that have had problems with theft?

  • Is your premises in a well lit area or

  • Do you have sufficient lighting to deter criminals yourself?

  • What about alarm systems?

All of these questions should help you look at the situation from a security perspective.

Alternatively if you have suffered in the past from stock shrinkage then the smart move is to talk to a security company such as ours and let us run a security assessment. We will take a look and pinpoint areas where your security could be improved.

In addition, when it comes to business insurance premiums, those who don’t have sufficient security such as alarms, lighting, and CCTV, are likely to be paying more than those who have. In fact some insurers won’t protect businesses at all if they don’t have sufficient security measures in place.

The reality in modern day Australia is that good security is a necessary part of doing business. The true value of how much that equates to in a return on your investment will only tell over time.

To find out more about security measures for your business premises, then come and talk to the experts at MA Security. As well as providing physical security personnel for event’s, individuals and businesses we also provide security assessments. If you want peace-of-mind, then give us a call on 1300 020 406 today.

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