The Importance Of Security Services In Educational Environments

We all like to think of educational institutes as happy places where students from all backgrounds mix together, are tolerant of one another, and grow into knowledgeable, mature, successful people who have the necessary skills to guide the country in the right direction. Unfortunately, this is the picture when viewed through rose coloured glasses. In reality, often this isn’t the case in schools and universities and for many students and staff, every day is a challenge. Each facility will have its own requirements with regards to security services, depending on such things as location, demographics, and budget constraints. So, what areas should educational institutes be focusing on with regards to security?


One of the most common issues for students is bullying. Perhaps you’ve been a victim yourself? It can really wear a person down, both physically and mentally. This is where security guards and even CCTV can play an important role in minimising discrimination and bullying. Security guards can keep a discreet eye on the interaction between students and have the necessary training to know just when to intervene.

Watching for illicit behavior

The growing use of drugs and alcohol in educational environments is a growing concern. In fact, any criminal activity and illegal behavior is bad news for an educational institute. Security guards can safeguard students and staff while at the same time maintaining your institute’s reputation. An experienced security guard can maintain a discreet presence in the background while monitoring student conduct.

Electronic monitoring

It may be that you want to restrict access to various facilities both during the working day and after hours to unauthorised personnel. Having secure technology is a key element of any security put in place. An access control system can track lecture halls and classrooms while CCTV acts as a deterrent to would be criminals. Their recordings can also be used in evidence to help convict an offender.


All educational institutes need to have a plan in place for emergency response. Security guards can assist with medical emergencies, control unruly crowds, and physical threats. Providing protection for students, staff, and visitors is vital in these instances. Peace of mind is the most important thing that trained security guards bring with their presence and they can put together plans for more common potential emergency situations as well as for major emergencies which could arise such as a fire.

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