Moving on from our last blog on the future of the security industry and where it’s going, we talked about the fact that security companies are embracing technology to help them deliver a better streamlined service at more competitive costs. While this may entice people to join an industry which was once arguably perceived as a low paid unsociable job, what about those who are currently working in it? Should they really fear the technological changes? Here are 5 reasons that suggest not…

Why less doesn’t have to spell disaster

While advancements in technology may spell the end of the night watchman style of manned security, that doesn’t mean that technology is replacing security personnel. Although it’s true that the role of a security guard will reduce from 90% guarding to around 60% in the coming decade, more opportunities for specialised customer-based training will arise. Ultimately this means better employment prospects and pay. After all, what company wouldn’t want to employ someone who can do the work of two or more people?

Greater job security

Companies who can provide specialised services such as concierge security and in-house security training and conduct corporate security risk analysis, are far more likely to be in tune with modern-day customer’s expectations. As a result they are also more likely to be in demand, which means more work for the long term and therefore greater job security.

Making the job easier

Security personnel might want to consider advancements in technology as a better aid to their job rather than moving in to take their jobs away from them. While there has been much talk of robots overtaking the need for human presence in the world of retail/office environments and advanced CCTV systems replacing the need for residential patrols, the truth is that computers lack the instinctual skills that a good security guard needs. Instead security personnel will still be needed to work alongside technology with the emphasis on virtual monitoring, make their jobs much easier.

Technology offers more protection

Because security guards of the future won’t always be ‘on the front line’ so to speak, technology gives them greater protection against the threat of violence. In the same way that robots are often used to diffuse bombs, allowing the bomb disposal expert to carry out their job at a safe distance, security personnel of the future will more likely encounter problems or dangers remotely rather than in person.

More pay

Okay so who wouldn’t want that? The truth is that security guards of the future will need to be better trained to operate and work alongside the advancing technology. As such they are more likely to be greatly valued and better remunerated.

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