Office Security Technology and How to Make The Most of It During Lockdown

At times like these keeping your staff and business safe during lockdown is of paramount importance. We’ve put together a few steps to help you make the most of office security technology.

Carry out any physical upgrades

With fewer people being in your building it’s a great opportunity to carry out any physical security upgrades you had planned. It may be that you are looking to have additional access control on doors and gates or perhaps you want to relocate them. You may also have a need to relocate or add to your CCTV hardware, or even implement COVID ready measures such as people counting solutions (to minimise numbers) and thermal cameras. Without the usual volume of people in your building, technicians will be able to carry out installations faster, and so it should save you money.

Consider creating an automatic access control

To prevent the transference of germs by surfaces, it’s a good idea to install automatic access control.  Automated access control can include

  • Automated gates and/or doors
  • Licence plate recognition
  • No-touch exit buttons
  • Facial recognition

All the above hand-free solutions will minimise potential contamination.

Create remote access

The main benefit of electronic monitoring is that the system can be accessed from anywhere. With many staff being required to work from home it’s the ideal time to set-up remote access to video feeds (laptop, external PC, phone) or external access to the access control system with the ability to close doors remotely and arm and disarm sites from afar so that staff can manage, monitor and update site information without being in attendance onsite.

Temperature checking

Installing a thermal body camera for your business involves anyone entering your business having their body temperature scanned. If the system detects a higher than normal body temperature, an alarm sound will be activated. Not only does this solution scan large groups of people entering your building at a time but it is also contact-free.

Lone workers – personal protection

It’s important to consider the safety of any members of staff that are still required to be at work and, in some cases, working on their own. You might want to consider personal safety devices that enable the worker to call for help if they’re in trouble ie, by sending an alert to a monitoring station that responds and takes further action). Ideally, a system that has GPS tracking would be beneficial to a lone worker with the idea being that you could monitor their location and if there has been no movement from the worker, a no-movement alert would be sent to the monitoring station. This way,  businesses can have peace of mind knowing their employees are safe.

Crowd control solutions

CCTV Cameras and smart video analytics technology can be used to control the number of people allowed in any one given area. Should this be exceeded, an appropriate alert will sound enabling security staff to respond.

At MA Services Group we can watch your property remotely and take any appropriate action should the need arise. We combine the latest in surveillance and security technology with highly trained personnel watching your site remotely from every angle 24 hours a day.

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