We’d probably all agree that a trip to the shopping centre is one that’s convenient and fun. But, for anyone that has to provide shopping centre security, it can be a logistical nightmare!

We thought we would use this post to take a look at some of the security issues that are front and foremost in the minds of the people tasked with shopping centre security

  • Theft – It’s inevitable that where there are valuable products there’s going to be shoplifters. Statistics show that shoplifting costs retailers around $9.5 million per year. So preventing shoplifting for retailers is a major concern both for stores and shopping centre managers.
  • Altercations – There are always plenty of people milling around at shopping centres, especially ones with entertainment hubs. And where lots of people hang out – trouble is often just around the corner. Hyped up events like the ‘Black Friday’ sales can also drive shoppers into a frenzy, increasing tensions and requiring extra security.
  • Vandalism –Shopping centres where there are plenty of high-ticket products attract large crowds and unfortunately, some of them are fixated on vandalism. Younger people, especially, see shopping centres as an easy target for damaging property, unless, of course, there are proper security measures in places like static guards and CCTV cameras.
  • Parking – Shopping centres have huge car parks and if these aren’t properly monitored, vandals and thieves could think that all their birthdays have come in one day.
  • Unauthorized entrances – While shopping centres have numerous public entrances there are also entrances that are out of bounds to the public. Only staff, delivery people, and other authorized personnel are allowed access. However, without attentive security in place or access control, people have a tendency to wander where they’re not supposed to.
  • Emergencies – Unfortunately, shopping centres are a sitting target for such things as terrorist acts. But fires and other disasters can also take place from time to time which means that security guards need to be extremely vigilant at all times and other carefully considered security procedures also need to be in place.
  • Lost children – Most of us can recall turning around only to discover that our child is nowhere to be seen. Fortunately, most shopping centres have a working plan in place so that missing youngsters can be quickly reunited with their frantic parents.
  • First aid – Finally, a shopping centre also sees a variety of medical emergencies that require skilled first aid guards and store personnel to intervene in a timely manner.

Be prepared with first-class shopping centre security

It’s not rocket science – good shopping centre management requires first-class shopping centre security.

The management has a responsibility to its staff, its shoppers and its stores to have a clear and effective plan in place when any of the above issues arise on a daily basis.

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