Is Cutting Back On Your Physical Security A Bad Idea?

With the economy as it is, it’s understandable for businesses to want to take better control of their overheads. When this happens one of the first things that often gets axed are outside contractors who work closely with the company. This includes security. While, on paper this may seem like a good cost-cutting exercise, in practice, it’s a really bad idea. Here’s why…

Immediate target for criminals

Let’s face it, today’s criminals are pretty savvy and any criminal gang wanting to carry out a robbery will do their research first. They ‘ll look for premises which on the face of it appear to be a soft target. This may include factors such as:

  • Weak or unsecure perimeters

  • A visible lack of CCTV

  • Poor lighting with plenty of dark spaces and…

  • No physical security presence.

While solving the issues of strengthening gates/fencing, increasing perimeter lighting and upgrading or installing CCTV may act more as a deterrent; very few opportunists will risk breaking and entering when there is a physical security presence. In other words…

If you don’t have a physical security presence, you’re opening yourself up to becoming a soft target for savvy criminals and it’s just a matter of time!

Problems with workplace insurance

Opening yourself up to becoming a soft target isn’t the only issue. If your business has for whatever reason dispensed with the services of a contracted security guard, you may find that you have problems with your workplace insurance. In some cases companies will no longer insure you and even when they do, there’s a strong chance that your premium has sky-rocketed because of it.

Of course, you may consider getting round it by failing to mention that you no longer have a physical security presence. However, this is definitely not a good idea. The reason?…

If there was a robbery and you had to make a claim, it might be extremely difficult (read as impossible) to get your insurer to pay out, because you’ve been economical with the truth. In other words…it really isn’t worth putting yourself in that position.

So what’s the solution?

The good news is that professional security services don’t have to be expensive. In fact because of worldwide heightened security, many security companies are now equipped with the technology to give an increased service at a lower cost. As a result rates have actually fallen. Nowadays security companies can offer a wide range of measures to align with most budgets. This may include offering mobile patrol services, increased key holding and off site monitoring, or out of hours static guarding. Whatever you choose, this tailored approach can save you a great deal of money while still maintaining the security of your premises at an affordable rate. It really is a win win situation!

To find out more about how an experienced security company can save you money, contact MA Security. We offer a wide range of flexible security packages to accommodate most budgets. Give us a call on 1300 020 406 and talk to our friendly team today!

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