Event Security 101 – How To Be A Good Event Steward

Just because we’re approaching winter here in Australia doesn’t mean that the festivals stop. On the contrary film festivals, music festivals, and major sporting events all take place this time of year and what’s more they all need stewards. So if you’re thinking of volunteering your services, here’s some great tips on how to do a good job, while having some fun.

Tip #1 – Know your stuff

There’s a saying in the event security world and it goes something like this… “a steward is only as good as the information they give out”

And that’s true. If someone asks you where the nearest food stands and you don’t know, or give them the wrong information, it isn’t going to reflect well on you. One way to make sure you know your stuff is to make a mental note of your surroundings as soon as you get an idea of the area you’re working in. Think about the questions you’d want answers to like ‘the direction of the main event‘ or ‘the whereabouts of the nearest toilets‘ and ensure you’re equipped with the answers.

Tip #2 Find your inner authoritarian

Aside from being a point of reference for festival attendees, part of your job is also to ensure that people are following the rules. Let’s face it, when you have a lot of people gathered in one place, there needs to be ground rules otherwise situations can quickly escalate out of hand.

If you see someone who isn’t complying, then they need to be told. However it’s not what you say, but how you tell them that usually makes all the difference. Here’s a tip…

Try to remain firm but polite. For example a calm but authoritative “Can I ask you to stop smoking please” will usually achieve greater results than a shouty “Put that cigarette out now!” Think about how you would like to be spoken to and treat them the same respect Simple!

Tip #3 – communicate with good radio etiquette

If you are issued with a radio, then you need to make sure you understand radio etiquette. As a general rule always let someone finish speaking before you answer. Conversations are often ended with an “over” after the conversation has ended which indicates that they have finished speaking and are awaiting your reply. Also ensure that you make it clear who you are truing to get hold of to avoid any confusion.

Finally…and this is a big no no…avoid any messing about or horseplay via the radio. If you think about it, radios are needed to communicate problems or medical emergencies and if you’re hogging the airways by messing about, it’s one of the worst crimes a steward can commit and is likely to get you thrown out.

So there you have it…everything you need to know about how to become the perfect steward.

At MA Security we provide security and stewards for a wide range of events and in the past have taken charge of some of the largest in the country. So if you’re planning an event,. No matter how big or small, then call us on 1300 020 406 about how we can help.

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