Do I Really Need To Install CCTV For My Business?

If you’re a small
business you might consider installing CCTV as a luxury you can’t
afford. Instead you file the idea in the ‘Great to have when the
company is in a better financial position
‘ folder. The issue is
that by not acting now, you could be opening yourself up as an easy
target. Not just from burglars, but from your employees too.

Did you know that
employee theft costs Australian businesses around $2.7 billion every
year and this is crime that can cripple small businesses. In fact a
staggering 18% of all small businesses go bankrupt because of it and
what’s more, 75% of employee theft goes unnoticed. This is where
installing a quality surveillance system can help.

While the boss is

I’m sure you’ve heard
of the saying “While the cat’s away, the mice will play”.
Well the same might be said of your employees. When you are on the
premises, it’s easy to keep up high standards of customer service and
output because chances are, you’re on the case. But what about when
you aren’t there? Do your staff deliver those same high standards? 

The bottom line is that
most employees looking to take advantage are opportunists. They will
find the most convenient and easiest moments to steal from you. This
is normally when you’re not about. With this in mind, remote viewing
allows you to ‘check in
even if you’re not around. You can keep a close eye on what’s going
on from the comfort of your smart phone, tablet, or laptop anywhere
in the world, so you never really have to be away from the business.
If your employees know this, then they’re less likely to do something
they shouldn’t.

Protects sensitive
and private areas

Most businesses have
private and/or sensitive areas that are off limits to employees who
haven’t been security-cleared, or who don’t have the appropriate
authority to enter. The truth is that many email addresses, trade
secrets, or sensitive information is stolen or made public this way.
By placing CCTV in these areas, it acts as a deterrent against
employees intent on tarnishing your reputation.

Obviously not every
employee is likely to steal from you and if you’ve carried out your
due diligence before employing them then you should have no trouble.
However it’s worth noting that most small businesses work within very
tight margins, so even one employee who may occasionally steal from
you could be enough to take your business down. By installing CCTV
cameras, it might be enough to dissuade them altogether, or to catch
them in the act. Either way, you no longer have a problem.

Here at MA Security, as
well as supplying highly trained security personnel for a wide range
of industries we also design and install CCTV and alarm systems. Why
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