Discovering 5 Benefits Of Hiring A Contract Security Company

When it comes to
business security a company boss can go one of two ways. Firstly they
can create their own security department hiring the right calibre of
personnel to do the job effectively. Or alternatively they can
outsource their security needs to an experienced company. With this
in mind, here are 5 great benefits of doing the latter.

It’s cost effective

When it comes to
security, situations are changing all the time. For this reason
security guards need ongoing and regular training to keep up to speed
with what’s going on. The issue is that when a company employs a
security team who work for them directly, or sets up a security
department, any ongoing training needs to be paid for by the company
who employ them. This is an added cost. Conversely when you
outsource all aspects of your security all ongoing training of
security personnel is down to the company and not you, so it’s cost

Not held responsible
for any liabilities

When you hire your own
security guards you are in effect responsible for everything that
they do, including their actions. This can prove costly in extreme
circumstances where legal liabilities are breached. However, when you
hire a security company they have total responsibility, giving a
workplace owner total peace of mind.

It’s convenient

Hiring a security team
yourself takes a lot of work, not to mention manpower. Firstly the
position has to be advertised, CV’s need to be checked, then
interviews arranged. Once the right team is hired, they need to be
trained. Alternatively when you outsource your security needs to an
experienced company, you simply discuss your needs and when you’re
happy, sign the contract.

It provides complete

As a business owner,
outsourcing your security needs gives you the opportunity to scale up
or scale down your security requirements as and when you need to, and
with relatively short notice. Clearly this is something that you
can’t easily achieve when you hire your own staff. In other words
outsourcing gives you complete flexibility.

Less hassle

Whether it’s through
illness or injury it’s inevitable that an employee is going to have
time off work at some point. This means that the hassle of operating
a department with person down falls on the employer. Alternatively,
if a security guard who works for your outsourcing company has to
have time off work, then the onus is on them to find replacement
cover rather than you, so altogether it’s much less hassle.

As you can see the
benefits of outsourcing your company’s security are many and in some
cases can far outweigh those of hiring your own personnel. With this
in mind, if you’re looking to ramp up your security then you should
contact MA Services Group. With over 20 years in the industry we have
the experience to help you. Contact us on
1300 020 406
and talk to our friendly team who can give you a free, no-obligation
quote today.

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