Did You Just Speak To The Concierge Or Was It A Security Guard?

During their stay most hotel guests are looking for a relaxing stress-free experience. This is irrespective of whether they’re there for business or for pleasure. As the manager of any half-decent hotel it’s often left to you to ensure that guests enjoy their stay. They’re greeted, pampered, and taken care of from the moment they arrive to the moment they check-out. Often the first people guests meet is the concierge. However what they may not know is that nowadays, many of them are trained security guards.

Unlike a static guard or mobile patrol who put across a ‘stay away’ message, concierge security guards are trained to deliver a first impression that’s both warm and welcoming. In a world where customer service means everything hotels can no longer afford to employ security guards who lack this important skill. This is why concierge security came about. Even though both security and excellent customer service has to be maintained, it stands to reason that these two roles could be merged into one.

So what does this mean for the guests?

Providing first class support

As already stated concierge security guards are the first friendly faces a guest will see. As guests emerge from their transport, in top hotels the individuals are often greeted and assisted. Therefore aside from keeping a close eye on what’s going on around them, concierge security also provide traditional services such as directions to local attractions, making reservations for lunch/dinner, and being of general help should guests have a problem when staying at the hotel.

Providing overall security

It could be argued that the concierge part of the job is more important in a hotel setting, but let’s not forget that in these days of continuing terrorist attacks, security is equally as important. Clearly though, in a hotel setting if that security was all ‘uniforms and arms’ then it’s likely to deter guests from staying and that’s not good for business. For this reason concierge security guards provide a more discreet type of service, but are equally as qualified. They have the ability to deal with anything suspicious such as unattended packages or people loitering, and can control and co-ordinate evacuation procedures should the need arise.

Are they purely used in the hospitality industry?

We’ve mentioned hotels specifically here, but the truth is that there are a number of other places where concierge security guards are employed. For example, apartment buildings, office blocks, andeven shopping centres. In fact anywhere where great customer service is needed a concierge security guard could be deployed.

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