5 Top Reasons To Install A Duress System

As a business owner, it’s vital to take all the precautions that you can to safeguard both your business and your employees from intruders and unauthorised personnel. Panic or duress buttons offer a discreet way for the user to call for help silently and immediately and besides being technically sophisticated, it’s good to know that they are very simple to use.

Duress buttons are extremely flexible and can be adapted to suit your particular line of business. As well as buttons that are pushed once or twice with your hand, there are also those that are even more discreet and can be activated by a knee or foot when an intruder asks for cash or valuables to be handed over.

If you’re unsure as to the necessity of your business having a duress system installed, then these 5 reasons may help to convince you otherwise.

Keeps your employees safer

Work place violence can strike in a variety of settings from check out counters to security stations and receiving areas to reception desks as well as in any rooms where valuables and cash are stored. As a result virtually any type of employee, and not just cashiers or receptionists, can be facing dangers from robbers and intruders. Not only does a panic button offer additional security to your members of staff, but it also gives them a means of calling for help quickly and discreetly without placing themselves in danger.

Enables proactive protection

Rather than closing the door after the horse has bolted, you can instead be proactive and install a duress system to protect your business from loss of property, profits, and productivity. A panic button makes it easier to contact the authorities when it may not be feasible or possible to dial 000 in the conventional manner.

Increases the chance of intruder apprehension

Many duress systems are linked to the panic button in such a way that when it is pressed it activates your other surveillance systems thereby monitoring your premises and recording a video of what is happening. The process is suitably discreet so that intruders and thieves won’t know that their movements are being closely monitored. Once the authorities have responded and been given a copy of the video recording, there’s a far greater chance of apprehending the offenders.

Helps authorities foil criminal activities

By businesses installing surveillance cameras, panic buttons, and other preventative security measures not only are they protecting employees from life threatening situations, but they’re also giving authorities a better chance of preventing criminals being successful or or committing further crimes.

Adds an extra layer of security to your business

Is a CCTV camera enough security for your business? Often the answer is no. A dedicated panic button adds another layer of security and helps emergency response teams do a better job of catching criminals and prosecuting offenders. It also does what a CCTV camera can never do – allows employees to seek help quickly and silently giving them a far greater feeling of security.

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