3 Top Tips For Successful Event Security

If you’re planning a large event then you may want to seriously think about security or asset and property protection, as well as having a visible security presence to dissuade any potential wrongdoing. The truth is that all large scale events should always have some type of security measure, so with this in mind, here are three great tips to ensure that your event runs without a hitch.

Consider the challenges ahead

Each type of event can throw up different security challenges which need to be addressed. This could be simple crowd control to prevent unwanted or uninvited guests from entering; mobile security patrols to keep a look out for drugs, theft or general bad behaviour; or if the event involves controversial figures, security guards simply acting as a deterrent to prevent any disruptions from groups making a political statement. Taking into consideration the possible problems your event could throw up, it’s worth going through some scenarios with your team and discussing in detail how you would deal with them.

Speak to the experts

Once you have an idea of the possible challenges that may lie ahead during your event you might want to speak to the experts. Reputable security companies have lots of experience in this type of area and many have security personnel who you can use in an advisory capacity. They can discuss your event with you and from this show you how and where to deploy staff for best results. Alternatively for total peace-of-mind you might want the security company to take care of the entire security aspect of your event. This includes organising security teams, deploying staff during the event and generally making sure that everything runs smoothly.

Be Involved

Don’t take anything for granted when it comes to organising an event, especially security. For this reason it’s best to involve yourself right from the start. By doing so, you’ll have a good handle on what’s going on. Also if you are hiring a security team, it’s important to get them involved right from the planning stages too. They’ll know from experience just how many personnel are needed and whether or not they need to make further provisions such as guard dogs and handlers.

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