Here at MA Services
Group we provide complete peace of mind with personnel that are not
only security trained but are also first aid and medical response
trained too. In the 21st century there’s a growing need
for security personnel to be more flexible and adaptable in their
duties so it is a natural progression for first aid training to be
just another part of a security guards repertoire; but what are the
benefits? Let’s take a closer look.

In situ first aider

You never know when a
medical emergency is likely to occur and when it does, speed is of
the essence. An emergency responder who is on the scene at that time
can often be the difference between life and death. Because security
personnel are around us in every environment, whether that is shops,
banks, businesses, schools, it makes perfect sense for them to be
first aid and medically response trained. More often than not,
they’re already in situ when an accident or emergency does occur.

Maintain a calm

Security guards are
usually hired for their ability to stay calm in the advent of
adversity and should be able to make the right decisions using clear
thinking, despite what’s going on around them. They also have a good
eye of what’s happening in their immediate location and should be
able to notice subtle changes should they occur. For these reasons it
makes perfect sense for a security guard to be trained in first aid.
Should a medical emergency occur they should have the skills to be
able to carry out the correct medical training while staying calm and
in control.

Used to training

As security personnel
cover a wide range of areas they often need further or refresher
training to keep their careers on track. Whether that’s learning how
to be a concierge security guard, a personal protection officer, or
an event controller, there are many positions a security guard can
find themselves in. For this reason they’re very much used to, and
open to learning new skills such as emergency response and first aid
training and therefore, learning new and important skills should come

At MA Services Group
all out security personnel are appropriately skilled with up to date
CPR and defibrillator techniques. As such they’re competent enough to
take control of any medical emergency should the need arise. Not only
this our staff are also comfortable liaising with emergency staff
agencies. If you need a security guard who is also first aid trained,
then we invite you to talk to us about your requirements. Contact us
today on 1300 020 406 and speak to our friendly, but
highly experienced team