3 Benefits A Security Guard Can Bring To Your Business You Mightn’t Immediately Consider

Despite the perception
that security guards are put in place to catch intruders the truth is
that intrusions are rare. In fact the majority of criminals prefer to
hit softer targets where they have less chance of being caught. In
the main security guards are employed for a number of reasons. One
such as keeping a watchful eye on your premises when you’re not there
(eg, during non-working hours) is a more obvious benefit, however
there are some less obvious ones that you mightn’t always consider.
Let’s take a closer look at 3 of them.

Reduces your
environmental impact.

Believe it or not,
hiring a security guard can reduce your environmental impact. How
many times have you come into work the next morning only to find
lights switched on or unnecessary electricals that are still plugged
in. While you can put up posters about saving electricity and the
inevitable costs wasted electricity causes to your business, the cold
hard truth is that most employees won’t be as conscious about it as
you. On the contrary you can make it part of a security team’s
contract to ensure that all lighting and unnecessary appliances are
switched off during non-working hours as part of their mobile patrol,
thus resulting in a cost saving to your business, and a reduction in
your environmental impact.

Negates risk to any

Health and safety in
the work place is a particularly big deal and you clearly wouldn’t
put your employees under any unnecessary risk. However when an
employee undertakes key holding duties then they could indeed be
placed at risk. Imagine a scenario where an employee has to attend an
alarm call out at 3am. More often than not it’s a false alarm, but
what if it isn’t? What if the key holder encounters a burglar and
gets injured in the process? Conversely, by having a security company
acting as first responders, it negates the risk to any employee.

Helps to prevent
internal theft

You may be surprised to
learn that many companies experience the largest amount of losses,
not through external theft, but through internal thefts and scams set
up by employees. In many cases the mere presence of a security guard
within the building is often sufficient to reduce the amount of
internal theft. So much so in fact that you might even see a large
increase in profit.

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