3 Ways A Woman Can Make A Difference In Event Security

Let’s be honest, if you
were asked to describe a security guard you’d probably say that it
was a large burly man with bulging muscles, that you’d definitely
think twice about before messing with. This notion could be because
typically men are considered physically stronger and for that reason
better able to handle situations that get out of control. The reality
is, however, that in many areas of security a woman is often better
suited than a man. Let’s take a closer look at what we mean.

Sympathetic to problems

Generally speaking
women are more sympathetic than men and can empathise with someone
having problems in different areas that has led them into trouble.
For example at a large event that is made up of men and women, a
woman that is attracting unwelcome attention from a man, might feel
more able to speak to a woman security guard than a man. Or, if she
feels her drink may have been spiked or she has become separated from
her friends, then again she might feel at another woman would be more
sensitive to her anxieties.

Diffuse situations

You could be forgiven
for thinking that a male security guard would be better equipped to
handle a situation where a couple of guys are involved in a heated
argument that looks as if it’s about to escalate into a fight.
However, women are often able to diffuse the situation with a calm
attitude and level of reasoning that men will be prepared to listen
to, whereas if a male guard was to say the same thing, they would
probable be ignored or drawn into the fracas. In most cases men will
respond differently to a woman than they will a man in this type of

Friendly face

Finally when a large
crowd of people are attending an event whether it be a sporting
event, festival, or concert, they’re all looking to have a good time
and enjoy the occasion. When they’ve probably saved weeks to buy a
ticket and spent months looking forward to the event, the last thing
they welcome is a male guard who may come across as arrogant or
bossy. A woman has the ability to present a friendlier, more caring
side, that the majority of people will respond too.

M A Services Group has
vast experience of event security and we know that many organisers
prefer to have a few female security guards present and for this
reason we can provide a mix of both; an all female; or an all male
team, whatever you prefer. Why not contact us today on 03 9994 4107
to discuss how we can help your security needs.

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